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Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just someone who likes to take photos, we’ve put together a list of the best photography apps for the iPhone. If want to learn about photography, take photos, edit photos,  share photos or just have some fun with your  photos, then these apps are for you. Unless stated otherwise, we have tested the following applications. Prices listed were recorded at the time of this article and might have changed. A few images in this review have been modified to preserve anonymity.

Camera Bag ($1.99) – Rating 9/10 – With this App, you can take a photo, or select one from your phone, and apply a pre-determined filter.  There are 14 different filters to choose from, and the menu makes using this application drop dead simple. It also gives you the ability to save out the photos to your photo album. For ease of use, number of filters available, and overall results, we gave this app a rating of 9/10.

Camera Bag


Camera Plus (FREE) – Rating 8/10 – This was the best camera application we could find. It allows you to zoom, set a timer, and touch anywhere on the screen to take a photo. It also has a handy anti-shake mode. After you have taken a photo, you have the ability to convert it to b&w , crop it and share it with your friends. Pro Version available which includes, among many features, burst mode, grid lines and the ability to record video. The Pro Version is comaptible with iPhone 4.0.


Camera Plus

ColorSplash ($1.99) – Rating 9/10 – One of the earlier iPhone photography apps, this program allows you to selectively saturate/desaturate an image. The ability to see the mask makes this tool very easy to use (see image #2). Ease of use and great results make this a worthy purchase.

Color Splash

Color Splash

Facebook (FREE) – Rating 7/10 -Not specifically a photography application, but it allows you to upload photos to your Facebook profile straight from your mobile device. A must have for those who are constantly updating their activities online. Requires wifi or a data plan to upload photos.



Fatbooth ($0.99) – Rating 8/10 -The cost of this app? 99 cents. Seeing the reaction on your friends and family’s faces when you show them what they would look like if they were fat? Priceless.



Flickr (FREE) – Rating 8/10 – If you have a flickr account, then this app is very useful.  It allows you to see your Photostream, recent activity, and your contacts using a very simple interface. Our favourite feature is the slide show on the opening screen which cycles through the recently uploaded photos from your contacts. You have the ability to take photos or upload from your photo library.



iVideoCamera ($2.99) – Rating 9/10 – There are settings to record at either a low (160X200), or high (320X400) resolution, and you have the ability to zoom up to 4x. It comes with 15 filters, including Heat Vision, Night Vision, Soft Glow, and Scrolling text. The ability to share your videos through email, sms, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Vimeo make this the complete application. If you own an older iPhone version that does not include a video camera, then this is a must have application. Worth considering even if you have the default video camera.



Nikon Learn & Explore (FREE) – Rating 7/10 – This is a great application for people who are looking to learn. The meat and potatoes of this application is 50+ photographs, each with an article about the photographer, and tips on how to take photos in specific situations. There are separate tutorials for the Fundamentals of Photography, Shooting Techniques and Image Editing. The addition of a Photographic Glossary wraps up this program into a neat little package. It’s free to download, so what are you waiting for, give it a try.

Nikon Learn and Explore

Nikon Learn and Explore

MotionX GPS ($2.99) – Rating 10/10 – This has quickly become one of my favourite applications. This GPS app tracks your movement, whether you are in the city, or out in the wilderness. It keeps track of your latitude and longitude coordinates, altitude, distance traveled, pace, and more. The ability to share your tracks on Facebook, Twitter, or through email is fantastic (with the email function, click on a link and you can view your track in google maps!). You are also able to take a photo with your phone when you are out and about, and it will include it in your email. You do not require a data plan to run this application. You only need wifi or a data plan to share your maps with friends and family. I can’t say enough about Motion X GPS. Lite version available.

motionx gps

MotionX GPS

PanoRating 9/10 – A great application for creating panoramic photographs. This app is better than it’s competitors for a couple reasons; 1 – It allows you to create a pano realtime, 2 – it allows you to line up your photographs by showing you the previous photo as an overlay, and 3 – it automatically stitches the photos together. At first I thought it was annoying to have the previous photo as an overlay,  but in hindsight it is very smart because it makes stitching the image together easier, as well as you don’t end up with lots of empty space surrounding your photos.



Pangea VR (FREE) – Rating 7/10 – A free app that lets you travel the world through panoramic photographs.  360 degree views of landscapes, cityscapes and more. It’s a free download, so why not give it a try. Pro Version available.



Photoshop.com Mobile (FREE) – Rating 9/10 -If you like to edit photographs on your phone, then this is a must have app. With many of the features you’ve come to love, this is an essential application for the advanced user. Cropping, Exposure, Saturation, B&W Conversion, as well as many effects are available.

PS Express

PS Express

PicVault ($2.99) – Rating 9/10 – A great application to store your private photos. A password is needed to open the application. You can either take photographs, or copy them from your photo album. Please note that images copied over from the phones photo album remain visible , so if you want to keep them private, you will have to delete them.

Pic Vault

Pro HDR ($1.99) – No Rating -This is the only app we weren’t able to test, because it requires iPhone 3GS or higher. However, we couldn’t make a list of top photography applications without including a real HDR program. Based on the reviews, this is the best one to have. Unlike some applications with fake HDR by tonemapping a photograph, Pro HDR actually blends different exposures to come up with a final output, and apparently, does a good job.



ShakeItPhoto ($0.99) – Rating 7/10 – This is a fun application that develops a photo as if it were a Polaroid. You can take a photo, or use one from your photo folder. Simply shake your phone repeatedly and watch your photo develop. Admittedly a little gimmicky, but decent none the less.

Shake It Photo


Strobox.com (FREE) – Rating 8/10 – An application that allows you to create lighting set up diagrams. A great application to have if you want to share your lighting techniques with other photographers. The ability to save out diagrams, rotate and place items anywhere on screen, as well as a deep inventory list, make this a well rounded app.



TiltShiftGen ($0.99) – Rating 9/10 – This application allows you to manipulate your photographs to make them appear as if they were a miniature scene. There are many controls, including blur (of course), brightness, saturation, and contrast. This app works best with high angle photos.

Tilt Shift

Quad Camera ($1.99) – Rating 10/10 -This is by far one of my favourite apps. It allows you to take a series of photo, and automatically places them in a pre-determined layout. Options available include number of photos, time between photos and photo effects. Final resolution for the images is upwards of 1200×800. I have spent more time with this App than any other I own. This is definitely my highest recommendation in terms of photography apps. Go out and get it!


Quad Camera

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