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The Stockys

Before December 3rd, cast your votes for The Stockys, and you have a chance to witn $2000 and 2000 iStock credits. Simply choose your favourite photo from each of the 10 categories, then fill out the entry form.

An Interview With Manny Librodo Jr.

In 2007, a good friend of mine introduced me to This was the first time I became aware of a photographer named “Librodo”. I didn’t know it at the time, but this one person would both improve my photography and inspire me more than any other photographer I have known. It is with great pleasure that I present you with “An Interview with Manuel Libres Librodo Jr.”

2010 World Wide Wow Photo Competition Results

I’ve have made a conscience decision to try to enter more photography contests. I am pleased to announce that I won first place in the “Nature” catergory in the 2010 World Wide Wow Photo Competition, presented by CPC Elevate.

Glif Website is Now Taking Orders

You might recall our post a few weeks ago about “The Glif” iPhone tripod mount which was a smashing success on For all those who missed out, they are now taking orders on their brand new site. They cost $20 USD each. The website link is after the break.

High Speed Video of People at a Train Station is Hypnotic

The following is a high speed video of a train passing pulling into a station. At first it appears that everyone is frozen in time, but then you notice small movements: the man with the coffee, the girls talking, the woman giving directions. There are a lot of minor happenings in this 2 minute film, and the best part is, you have to time to watch them all.

The Juice Box Camera

Move over 007, there’s a new spy in town! What better way to work incognito, than with this juice box camera. More photos, and an explanation after the break.

360 Degree Portraits

Back in 2004, my friend Neil Marshall created these 360 degree portraits for a University photography project. The technique is based on UV mapping that artists must create to texture a 3D object. More photos after the break.

Unbelievable! 360 Degree Interactive Video

This is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen in a while. 360 degree interactive video. What does that mean? You can control the video camera while it is playing. Try it out after the jump.

Create Beautiful Effects with the Bokeh Kit

Now you can control the Bokeh in your photographs, using this handy Bokeh Kit. The kit includes 21 pre-cut templates, as well 8 blank templates that you can customize yourself. Fits most DSLR’s and comes with a carrying pouch.

125+ Ways to Edit a Photograph – Part 3

Stuck in a rut when it comes to editing your photos? Looking for some fresh ideas? Then this is the article for you. 1 photograph, 125+ different edits. The majority of these looks can be created with any photo editing software. More than anything, this article is meant to inspire you to try different editing techniques. Here is Part 3