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Immaterials: Light painting WiFi

How do you make something invisible, such as WiFi signals, visible? Answer: Create a device that lights up depending on the strength the WiFi signal. An intriguing concept that results in some very interesting visuals. Video after the break.

Remove Noise in Your Photographs Using Noise Ninja

If you have ever taken long exposures, or shot in dimly lit areas, you have most likely run into the problem of having noise in your photograph. Despite the fact camera manufacturers are actively trying to reduce noise, this still remains a legitimate problem. The following tutorial will show you step by step instructions on how to use the software Noise Ninja to remove excessive noise from your photographs.

How National Geographic Photographs a 300 ft Redwood Tree

How would you go about shooting a 300 foot redwood tree? As you will see, when given this assignment, these National Geographic photographers came up with an ingenious solution: Use a dolly system to take multiple photographs of the tree, and stitch them together in post production. What you end up with is one humongous photograph with lots of detail.

Weekly Photo Links

We`re going to try something new. We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.

What you might have missed this week:

1. A Skier Falls Off a Mountain Wearing a Helmet Cam and Survives
2. Space Shuttle Discovery`s Final Launch
3. Photos of Children Waiting for Rides at Disney world
4. Back to the Future Photo Series is Incredibly Well Done
5. Nikon D4 to Support Light Peak/Thunderbolt?

Year of the Beard

For more than a year, Cory Fauver grew his beard and took photos of it on a daily basis. As you will see from the following video, the photos were very carefully planned. I envy this video because if I tried to do something similar, it would show a years worth of nothing more than a fuzzy chin. Video after the break.

Camera Shaped Key Caps

Here’s a neat accessory to show off your love of photography to the world: Camera shaped Key Caps. Simply slip your key through the camera, attach the chain and you’re ready to go. They come in 3 colors (although Black & Yellow are currently sold out) and are currently priced at $8.99 each.

Prize Giveaway #5 – “The Industry Disgrace” Neck Strap

The Final Prize we are giving away this week is a heavy duty Neck Strap called “The Industry Disgrace” .

How To Enter:

In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post and tell us: Which statement best represents your knowledge of photography?

a) observer
b) beginner
c) intermediate
d) advanced

The contest is open until Sunday February 27th at 6:00 pm, at which point we will randomly pick a winner. Don’t forget to come back as we will update the post to announce the winner.

As long as you are from the planet Earth, you are eligible to win.

Good Luck!

1 Minute After the Christchurch Earthquake

The following video was shot by Logan McMillan of Gorilla Pictures. It shows the aftermath of the most recent earthquake to hit Christchurch, New Zealand. They are running out of time in terms of finding survivors, and the death toll is expected to climb as more than 200 people are still missing. Our condolences go out to all the families who have been affected by this natural disaster.

Organizing the Bookcase

Sean & Lisa Ohlenkamp created this stop motion video about books that organize themselves within 2 bookshelves. I can’t imagine how long this took to complete. Watch the video, which includes a dancing banana, after the break.

Fotopedia App Let’s You View Photographs of National Parks

This app by Fotonauts Inc. allows you to view photographs from 58 different National Parks all across the United States. There are more than 3000 photographs in the collection. This app is normally $4.99, but is available for FREE for a limited time. Download your copy before the price goes back up.