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The Fuji Instax Mini 50s & 25s

Now available in the Photojojo Store, are Fujifilm’s latest Instax Mini film cameras. These popular cameras have been updated from previous models; they are thinner, sleeker, and have a handy digital display. Best of all, they still use the same size instant film.

Largest Indoor Photo in the World is 40 Gigapixels

360 Cities claims they have the created the largest indoor photograph to date with the addition of the Strahov Library . The final panoramic photo is comprised of 2947 photographs, and post processing took more than 111 hours.

Wooden iPhone Cases That Look Like Cameras

These wooden iPhone cases by Signimade are designed to look like cameras. They are made from Walnut Wood, Zebra Wood or Bamboo; all non endangered woods. You can choose one of their designs or create your own design by going to their website.

NASA MESSENGER Takes Historic Photo of Mercury

History was made yesterday when NASA’s satellite MESSENGER became the first spacecraft to send back photographs of Mercury, while in orbit. I’d love to be able to photograph Mercury up close, but my camera isn’t rated to 430 degrees Celsius.

Comic Book Picture Frame

Here’s a great way to display photographs; a frame that comes with speech bubbles so you can turn your images into a comic book. You can purchase one for $18 by following the link below, or if you can do without the thick frame, create something similar in Photoshop.

Create Your Own Mechanical Iris

The Columbus Idea Factory is a community workshop with classes in welding, laser cutting, screen printing, electronics, etc. It was there that Paul Rothrock created this awesome mechanical iris. See a video of the iris in action, as well as a link to step by step instructions on how to create your own iris, after the break.

Ball of Light Photography by Denis Smith

The first time I saw Denis Smith’s photographs, I was in awe. I have always loved long exposures and light drawing, and couldn’t figure out how he was able to create such perfect spheres. The following video by Sam Collins Media explains how he discovered light spheres as well as how photography changed his life for the better.

The Bang Bang Club

The Bang Bang Club is a movie based on the story of four photographers who risked their lives to document the events in South Africa in the early 90’s. You may recognize the iconic photograph by Kevin Carter of a vulture waiting to eat a little girl who was starving to death. His own photograph, and the criticism of others that he didn’t intervene to save the girl haunted him enough that he eventually took his own life. The movie takes a serious look at the photographers desire to tell the truth to the world, and how it affected their lives afterward.

Super Slow Motion of a Surfer in a Barrel Wave

The following footage was shoot in the South Pacific and shows Dylan Longbottom surfing a 12 foot barrel wave. And while it may be old footage, it is the first time I have seen it, and it is beautiful to watch.

4 in 1 Octopus Flash Unit

Here is a fantastic DIY Flash unit created by Marcell Nikolausz. Using fiber optics, he has redirected light from a single flash, and turned it into 4 separate light sources with different properties. A very creative, and possibly cost effective way of shooting macro photos in a studio setting.