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Facebook Group Helps Photographs Scattered by Tornado Find Their Owners

After a handful of tornadoes tore through the southern United States, many people lost their lives, and many properties have been destroyed. One ray of hope in all of this is a Facebook group set up to help reunite found photographs with their owners. What a great idea!

28 Camera Drawings by Christine Berrie

Christine Berrie created this awesome poster by drawing vintage cameras using graphite and pencil crayons. Limited prints of this poster are available over at 20×200. The only size still available is 11×14, priced at $50.

Piclings Game Let’s You Use Photographs as Levels

Piclings is a new video game that has a very cool concept. Using the camera on your iPad or iPhone, you can take photographs and use them as the level in which you play. Not sure what that means? Watch the video after the break.

Nikon’s Image Authentication System is No Longer Reliable

You may recall back in December that Canon’s original data security system was compromised. The same ´╗┐company, Elcomsoft, has now shown that Nikon’s Image Authentication System is just as vulnerable. At first I wondered why they would do such a thing, but it’s very clear now that the purpose was to prove that these authentication systems are not bullet proof and therefore we should not completely trust every image we see. A good lesson to learn.

Stolen Camera Finder

Matt Burns has created a website that helps you find a stolen camera by searching the web for serial numbers embedded into the EXIF data of photographs. So if you’ve had a camera stolen, and you know what the serial number was, time to get crackin’! There is also a Chrome plug-in available.

AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

You may recall two weeks ago that Nikon accidentally posted a new lens without issuing a press release. It was promptly removed. That lens, the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G is now scheduled to be available June 16th, 2011 at a MSRP of $219.95.

Photographing a First Descent

When you only have once chance to photograph or film an event, a lot of planning goes into making sure everything is perfect. In this video, we see behind the scenes of how Lucas Gilman and Jesse Coombs filmed a first descent at Abiqua Falls.

Nature In Focus 2010 Photo Contest Results

The results for the 7th Annual Nature in Focus Photography Contest were announced 2 weeks ago (I just found out yesterday). I am pleased to announce that my photograph “Controlled Chaos” was a finalist out of more than 3,300+ photographs.

Nikon D5100 Teardown

Ever since there have been people building things, there have been people who take them apart to see how they work. The folks over at have torn apart a Nikon D5100 to see what makes it tick. See the step by step disassembly by following the link below.

Miniature Canon Thumbdrive Replicas

These images appeared on Behance without any details as to whether they are available for sale or not. There are 3 different USB memory sticks that resemble Canon products; a Powershot Camera, a DSLR and a video camera. See the other stills after the jump.