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Inside the Threadless Photography Department

Most people don’t think twice about the work that goes into shooting products for websites. The following video by PhotoShelter gives a great behind the scenes tour of Threadless. With so many styles of shirts, it’s a lot of work to create quality photographs, while at the same time varying the background environment.

How to Shoot Underwater Photos

If you are looking to take some underwater photographs, but don’t want to put your expensive camera underwater, consider converting a vintage camera into a periscope. While not everyone has a vintage camera lying around, and admittedly this is not very practical, it just might come in handy for somebody out there.

Leica i9 iPhone Hybrid

Black Design Associates have dreamed up a Leica camera body that allows you to insert your iPhone for easier use. The back opens up like a traditional film camera, in which the iPhone is inserted. Assuming they can account for future iPhone design changes, this might actually be feasible.

How To Touch Up Skin Using Only 3 Tools

Here is another great tutorial by Sean Armenta, this time showing how to touch up skin using only the Healing Brush, Patch Tool & Clone Tool.

An Interview with Roz Batten

This month, we sit down for an interview with Roz Batten, from Australia.

Prize Giveaway – Focus: Letters

It’s time for another prize giveaway. The prize available is a book about hidden faces in everyday situations called Focus: Letters

GigaPan Time Machine

Gigapan, the site which features Gigapixel Panoramics, has a new feature called time machine. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have taken these detailed images one step further by adding time, thereby allowing you to explore a scene as it unfolds. Follow the link after the break to try it out for yourself.

Most Stressful Jobs in America

According to CNBC, being a photojournalist is the 4th most stressful job in America. Photojournalists often have to deal with working in dangerous environments, work long hours, and have to be on call practically 24 hours a day. See the whole list after the jump.

Weekly Photo Links

We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.

Life In a Day Trailer

Last year, people from around the world were invited to film their lives on July 24th and submit it for the chance to be included in an upcoming film called Life in a Day. The producers received 80,000 submissions totaling 4,500 hours from 192 different countries. Watch the trailer for the upcoming movie which will be in theaters July 24th, 2011.