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Project Photofly by Autodesk

Anybody in the computer animation industry can vouch as to how much work it is to recreate realistic environments. Autodesk is close to unveiling a new piece of software called Photofly that combines a series of photographs to create a 3 dimensional model. This type of program could revolutionize the virtual travel industry since it would significantly reduce the amount of work it would take to recreate areas of interest from around the world.

Watch Endeavour’s Launch via Booster Camera

I never get tired of watching space shuttles travel into outer space, and this video is no exception. Watch Endeavour’s last mission from the point of view the shuttles two rocket booster cameras.

Mirrored Skyline Timelapses

We’ve featured the work of Craig Shimala before, but his newest video is just as interesting to watch. Chicago skylines become abstract art when timelapse videos are mirrored along the horizon.

Quick and Easy Skin Tone Correction

No matter how much preparation you do in the studio, there will always be instances where your photographs need to be touched up on the computer. Here’s a great tutorial by Sean Armenta about how to correct different color tones, skin discolorations and tan lines using an adjustment layer in Photoshop.

Nikon Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Sigma

Nikon has filed a patent infringement suit against Sigma regarding the sale of interchangeable lenses with vibration reduction. Previous attempts to resolve the issue were unsuccessful, which is why the lawsuit is being launched. Read more about the details after the jump.

Another 360 Degree iPhone Attachment

You may recall the GoPano 360 degree iPhone lens. Well, there is now another Kickstarter campaign for a similar product; the Dot 360 degree video capture. Pledge $98 or more, and you’ll be one of the first people to get their hands on one. There still must be lots of demand for this type of project considering they have already surpassed their funding goal with 40 days remaining.

The Snapshot Dot

If you like having physical prints of your photographs around the house or office, then you might find this accessory useful. Snapshot Dot’s are silicon semi-spheres that act as a stand for your photos. With no frame to worry about, you can quickly and easily replace photos for a change of scenery.

Instagram Hits 4.25 Million Users

Apparently Instagram is more popular than everyone realized. They recently announced they have more than 4 million users, and that 10 new photographs are uploaded every second of the day. By my calculations, that’s 864,000 photographs being uploaded every single day.

The Decisive Moment: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Here is a FANTASTIC video narrated by Henri Cartier-Bresson in which he talks about his photographs, and photography in general. It doesn’t take long to appreciate the experience and wisdom of his thoughts. The video is 20 minutes long and is worth watching in it’s entirety.

Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 Seconds

Time sure does fly, especially when you put a series of photographs together to show the growth of a puppy up until his first birthday. Watch the cuteness after the break.