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Icelandic Northern Lights Timelapse

There is no place more heavenly on this planet than Iceland, with it’s scenic countryside, and aurora borealis which appear at night. This timelapse video was filmed by Agust Ingvarsson, which re-affirms my desire to travel to Iceland as soon as possible.

TriggerTrap Universal Remote Trigger

The only remote trigger I own currently only shoots when I squeeze the trigger. Imagine having a remote that triggers exposures based on light, sound, time, or anything else you can dream up. This is the end goal of the TriggerTrap, which has just started funding on Kickstarter. Pledge $70 you will get a do it yourself kit, or add $5 more for a ready to use version.

Hashtagram is a Real Time Slideshow of Instagram Photographs

For all you Instagram users, we present Hashtagram: a real time slideshow of newly uploaded Instagram photographs. You also have the ability to browse images by hashtags. Try it out for yourself.

Footage From the World’s Oldest Motor Plant

Here is some great urban decay footage of an old motor plant. I’m dying to try some video footage myself, but still don’t have a video capable camera. It was shot with both a Nikon D90 and a Canon 5D mark II. The motorized dolly is available for sale (see below)

300 New Species Discovered in Philippines

In a recent excursion, scientists from the California Academy discovered upwards of 300 new species in the Philippines. Despite the fact humans have lived and explored this planet for thousands of years, some scientists believe upwards of 90% of the species on this planet have yet to be discovered. Follow the link below to see a handful of photographs of the new species.

Apple Offering Refunds To Unhappy Final Cut Pro X Users

Ask, and ye shall receive. Apparently that’s what we are being told in regards to Final Cut Pro X users demanding a refund. It appears Apple is doing everything they can to get this train back on track. I think they have a long way to go, however.

This is How Cameras of the Future Will Look

At the Hello Demain exhibition in France, Nikon displayed some interesting concept cameras. While we don’t have that much information at this point in time about how they will work, it is very clear Nikon has taken some drastic leaps in terms of how they think users will interact with their equipment.

World’s Most Reputable Companies

Forbes released a list of the top 100 reputable companies, and a few camera makers made the list. Can you guess who they are? Find out after the jump.

Transformers Decepticon: Reflector

Did you know, that in the original Transformers cartoon series, there was a Decepticon that transformed into a camera? To be accurate, he was the only transformer that could transform into 3 robots. Going by the asking prices on ebay, he seems to be a very sought after item. There is currently a complete Reflector set on sale for $230.

Team Coco Takes a Jab at Final Cut Pro X

Apparently a lot of people are having a hard time adjusting to Final Cut Pro X because of how different it is from previous versions. This is not the case for the editors of the Conan O’Brien show, as you will see from the following video.