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Weekly Photo Links

We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.

Nikon Underwater Housing System

If you enjoy underwater photography, and have some money to burn, ikelite just released a new Nikon D5100 underwater housing. It’s made from polycarbonate, so you know it will protect your camera well. It has two large handles for easy control, as well as a magnifier to increase visibility of the viewfinder while underwater. Unfortunately, it will set you back $1400.

SLR Lenses For Your Phone

If you take photos with your camera phone on a regular basis, then these miniature SLR lenses may be of interest to you. These Macro/Wide Angle, Fish Eye and Telephoto lenses are designed to fit any type of phone, since they are mounted via metallic rings. You can get all three lenses for $49, or $20-25 each.

Leica Lens Holder

You can file this one under the “I don’t understand it” category. The Leica Lens Holder is an accessory that secures to the bottom of your camera and is capable of holding an extra lens. I wouldn’t think leaving an unused lens exposed is a good idea, let alone the idea of it doubling as a tripod. Looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Bright Siren Music Video by Androp Uses 250 Canon 60D’s

Japanese music group androp created this amazing music video for their latest release, titled Bright Siren. In lieu of using a projection screen for their background effects, they used 250 Canon 60D cameras equipped with flashes. The cameras were all linked to a computer which ran open source software to allow them to control the timing of the flashes. The results are amazing.

WWF – The World Is Where We Live

The World Wildlife Foundation has put together a poignant video comparing humans to their animal counterparts.

Ads of Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington Banned for Excessive Airbrushing

The ad above, which feature Julia Roberts, was banned in the United Kingdom due to excessive airbrushing. This is a very common practice in advertising, where they literately do everything they can to make products look more appealing than they are in actuality. To be honest, I think advertisements should be held to strict guidelines, otherwise it is difficult to tell what is real, and what is exaggerated. What do you think? Was the banning of this advertisement justified?

Attach Your Phone To Your Clothing With the Move

Here is a simple, yet useful gadget, that will allow you to attach your mobile device to your clothing. While some of the examples they give in the video are less than ideal, it could really be useful to record POV videos without having to purchase an expensive camera (assuming you already have an iPhone or iPod).

View RAW Files in Windows Explorer

YES! Finally. Windows has finally smartened up and created an update which will allow you to view all your RAW files in Explorer. This is fantastic news for those of us who would like to view RAW files without having to use third party software.

Multi Tool Tripod for the Outdoorsman

For those who love the outdoors, and don’t necessarily want to carry a heavy tripod around (I’m looking at you cyclists), we introduce the Gerber Steady. It’s the first multi tool we have seen that has tripod functionality. I really think this could be useful in the right situations. Unfortunately, it wont’ be available until next year.