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Camera Beanbag Chair

When is it safe to sit on your photography equipment? When your camera is a large bean bag chair, of course. Don’t get too excited, as this chair is a little pricey – 175.00 € ($250 USD).

17 Year Photo a Day Project in Sync With the Earth’s Rotation

If you want a good example of dedication, then look no further than the following project by Dan Hanna. For 17 years (and counting) he has taken 2 photographs of himself. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, his head rotates in synch with the earth’s rotation around the sun. Watch years fly by in a matter of minutes after the jump.

Take Photos Through a Telescope Using Astroclip

If you have a telescope sitting idle around the house, then this iPhone add on might be of interest to you. The Astroclip is exactly what it sounds like: an iPhone case that attaches to the eyepiece of a telescope. While I bet serious photographers would prefer a DSLR set up, at $25, this is a relatively inexpensive accessory for anybody wanting to experiment. They are currently raising funds on

Organize All Your Online Photos With Pictarine

Pictarine is a website that organizes all your online photographs into one place. It even grabs photos from your friends that they have shared with you. It currently supports photographs from Facebook, Picasa, flickr, twitter, Instagram, Gmail & Yahoo. If you have many accounts, and have a hard time keeping your photographs organized, then this might be the service for you.

An Interview with Jason Friesen

This month, we sit down for an interview with Jason Friesen, from the United States.

First Ever Lytro Fashion Shoot

You may remember our post about the revolutionary Lytro Camera, that allows you to re-focus images after they have been taken. Fashion model Coco Rocha recently had a photo shoot using the Lytro Camera. Watch the following video to see behind the scenes of the first Lytro fashion shoot. Follow the link below to see the final image, which you can re-focus with a single click of the mouse.

Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Magnets With Stickygram

Here’s yet another way to share your Instigram photos. Stickygram allows you to select your favourite Instigram photographs, and have them mailed to your door as magnets. It costs $14.99 for 9 magnets and, surprisingly, they offer free world wide shipping.

The Flash by Joao Laurofonte

Joao Laurofonte created this awesome illustration of the Flash.

Weekly Photo Links

We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.

How Photographers Play Chess

If you have $150,000 lying around, then you are capable of putting together your very own game of chess, featuring Nikon lenses vs Canon lenses. If that’s too expensive for you, then $7,000 will get you 4 days of fun. Thankfully this isn’t the result of a spoiled brat; it was put together by a Lens Rental company with a clever marketing idea. I’d say it’s working.