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The Most Creative Stop Motion Video I Have Ever Seen

Steven Briand, aka BURAYAN, created this incredibly creative stop motion video using various paper sculptures. The reason why I think it’s so successful is because he takes advantage of the limitations of stop motion, thereby allowing him to create surprising yet believable transformations. What else can I say except it’s fantastic!

Pogo Stick Point of View

With the availability of portable cameras, people are continually recording themselves performing various activities. XPogo continues the trend with their video which shows the POV of someone hopping around on a pogo stick.

MIT Creates a Camera that Captures at the Speed of Light (1 Trillion FPS)

Believe it or not, MIT researchers have created a new method of capturing video at high speeds. At one trillion frames per second, their footage is so fast that you are able to watch as the light passes through a scene. Since it’s difficult to accurately sample every frame at that speed, they need to capture the scene several times in order to produce a fluid video.

Google Street View in Japan – After the Disaster

Google has just released comprehensive street maps of Japan in the wake of the Earthquake which occurred back in March. They have also set up a website called Mirai kioku which stands for “Memories for the Futureā€. Users are encouraged to upload old photos and videos in the hopes of sharing lost memories.

Michael Woodford is Looking to be Re-Instated as the CEO of Olympus

Michael Woodford was promptly let go from Olympus a few months ago after discovering massive debt cover ups. BBC is reporting that Michael is back in Tokyo, trying to get re-instated as Olympus’ CEO. If it were my choice, I would welcome him back with open arms considering he had the courage to question serious accounting flaws while everyone else kept their mouths shut.

Stippling Portrait Made from 3 Million Dots

Miguel Endara created this incredibly realistic image of his father by using a technique called stippling. Over the course of 210 hours he figures he created more than 3 million dots. Believe it or not, he only used 1 pen for the entire drawing. Watch the time lapse video which shows Miguel working his magic after the jump.

Nikon D4 Spec Rumours

Nikon Rumors is reporting some specifications for the upcoming Nikon D4. If the specs hold to be true, then it looks like the D4 will be giving the Canon 1DX a run for it’s money. I’ve listed some of the highlights below, but be sure to follow the link to Nikon Rumors for the full report.

PhotoWeeklyOnline is Now on Google Currents

We’ve produced our own Google Currents magazine, so if you’re using Google Currents, we’d love to hear what you think. If you don’t have Google Currents, you can download it here (United States only at this point in time).

Banksy's CCTV Baby Mobile

Here’s a commentary by Banksy in terms of how much privacy we are afforded in our daily lives. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to this.

Nuclear Explosions Look Otherworldly When Photographed at High Speeds

What may look like an organic organism is actually an image of a nuclear explosion photographed 1 millisecond after detonation. A rapatronic camera, which was used to capture the image above, is capable of an exposure time of 10 nanoseconds (which is equivalent to billionths of a second).