365 Days of Clones

272/365 - Troopers atop a Skyscraper

My brother, David Eger, recently completed his 365 days project in which he took a photograph of Star Wars Clone Troopers every single day for a year. In this post, we take a look back at some of the best photography themed images. For those who are interested, he will be continuing this project on a weekly basis. You can keep up to date by vising 365daysofclones or by joining his Facebook & Twitter pages.

Famous Photographs

99/365 - Galloping Trooper

94/365 - Million Trooper March

226/365 - The Kiss

145/365 - Trooper vs Trooper

201/365 - One Small Step

248/365 - Death of a Clone Trooper

275/365 - Gandhi

364/365 - Gammorean Churchill


105/365 - Vitruvian Trooper

285/365 - Galactic Gothic

122/365 - Troopers In Voluptas Mors

Album & Magazine Covers

248/365 - Another Bounty Bites the Dust

220/365 - Abbey Road

342/365 - Imagine

Movie Posters

162/365 - B.F. (Boba Fett)

352/365 - The Adventures of FettFett


Link: 365daysofclones.com/


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3 Responses to “365 Days of Clones”

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  2. Brad says:

    Brilliant job Dave. What most impresses me is that you were able to keep it up for the full 365… i didnt last a week.

    • Davey says:

      It was a great project to do, thanks Brad! As for lasting the year, some days it was easy and some days it was difficult! In the end, it was very much worth it! I’ll do another one at some point, but not for a while.