My Top 10 Favourite Locations for Photography in Toronto

I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favourite places in Toronto for taking photographs. Of course there are many other great places to take photographs in the city, but these locations seem to yield good photographs more often than not.

1. Polson Pier – Always a great view of the city, especially at night. Don’t think of leaving your car unattended on Polson Street however, as there is a good chance it will get towed.

2. Subway/TTC – I have taken many great photographs in the subway system, and as often as I have been there, have never run into any trouble. It is legal to take photographs in the transit system as long as it is not for commercial purposes.

3. Graffiti Alley – On the South Side of Queen Street West (Between Bathurst and Spadina), walk behind the buildings and you will find an amazing alley covered in graffiti. It’s a great place to shoot portraits. The best part is, the graffiti is always changing, so every trip there is a unique experience.

4. Humber Bridge – The beautiful architecture of this bridge makes it an easy subject. If you have a wide angle lens, you can photograph both the bridge and the CN Tower in the background.

5. Distillery District – Established in 1832, the Distillery District is full of old buildings, walkways, and even a few rusted trucks. There is also a brewery and a few restaurants on site if you want to take a break.

6. University of Toronto – The number of buildings,  and the age of the campus make for a nice photo walk. Make sure you visit Kings College Circle, as well as the library which is in the shape of a Peacock.

7. Union Station – There’s always plenty of action going on at the station. Have you seen this bench which has permanent shadows behind it?

8. China Town – Food, Food, and more Food. The Asian markets that line the street are plentiful with subjects.

9. R.O.M. – This bizarre-chitecture is fun to shoot, from almost every angle. There are also many interesting exhibits inside the museum, including the bat cave, and dinosaur skeletons.

10. Harbourfront – In the summer, there are beautiful views of the marina and city. Don’t miss the Wave Deck, which can be seen in the last photograph below.


Just outside the top 10: Kensington Market, Nathan Phillips Square, The Skywalk

Others Notes:

Toronto Zoo – OK place to take photos, but the Toronto Zoo is actually located in Scarborough. Also note the Toronto Airport is actually located in Mississauga.

CN Tower – A great place to visit, but good photographs from the top of the tower are difficult to get since you have to shoot through glass. They have since opened up the EdgeWalk, but I doubt you will be able to bring a camera.

Let me know if any of your favourite places in Toronto didn’t make the list.



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