Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse

Matthew Goodman created this time lapse video that shows the entire Burning Man event from start to finish. Every year, thousands of people flock to the Nevada desert to create art and enjoy the experience of being self reliant.

From dust to dust, this time lapse covers over 5 weeks including the preparation of the event, from before the trash fence erection and after basically everyone except for DPW trickles out. Other than a few occasional pauses, the main event goest by at a rate of 3 hours every second.

Link: burningman.com

[via LaughingSquid]

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2 Responses to “Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse”

  1. peretz says:

    Hello! I’m the editor of this time lapse video.

    If you appreciate the video, consider helping to fund the next one. Playa Time Lapse 2.0 is live on Kickstarter. http://kck.st/playa-time-lapse Support now and get prints from the Burning Man gallery!

    Thanks, Peretz