Camera Themed Coffin

While I’ve never heard of anybody coming into this world with a camera, it looks like you can be laid to rest inside one. Paa Joe is artist who creates highly unusual coffins. As you can see in the picture above, one of his works is a Nikon camera, complete with Nikkor lens.

Paa Joe’s sculpted coffins blur the line between art and craft. Each work is carefully constructed to reflect the ambition or the trade of the person for whom it was made. They are not dead things but are instead a manifestation of and indeed an affirmation of life. The works are wholly African and are a contemporary embodiment of traditional tribal burial rituals and art practice. They link back to pre-colonial West African sculpture but also recall the pomp and extravagance of ancient Egyptian royal tombs. In contemporary Western art practice the coffins recall Jeff Koons. They too are kitsch – Paa Joe, like Koons, plays with scale and with a work like the Jet, with material and commercial ostentation.

Link: Paa Joe’s Sculpted Coffins

[Photojojo via Beautiful Decay]

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One Response to “Camera Themed Coffin”

  1. Paa joe says:

    I think it is time for people to help me build a coffin gallery in Ghana