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Adam Levine's Photoshop Disaster

Oops! It looks like Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine shed a few pounds for this Vogue Russia photoshoot. Can you see the mistake?

How to Take “Magazine Cover Photos” of your Cats

Here’s an interesting magazine ad from 1955 where you could send in 25 cents, plus 3 Puss in Boots labels, to receive a book detailing how to take “magazine pictures of your cat”.

How FujiFilm Continued Production of the X100 After the Earthquake

The Fujifilm Finepix X100 was only on the production line for six days before the earthquake hit Japan. Unfortunately the plant where it was manufactured was heavily damaged. In true Japanese style, they put their troubles aside and carried on, almost as if nothing had happened. Within 12 days they had transferred undamaged equipment to a new location, and set up a production line.

Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

For those still learning the ropes in regards to exposures, Living In the Stills put together this handy reference sheet.

The Decline of Film

NPR published an article that shows just how far film has fallen from grace.

At the turn of the 21st century, American shutterbugs were buying close to a billion rolls of film per year. This year, they might buy a mere 20 million, plus 31 million single-use cameras – NPR

I don’t think film will ever be totally removed from the market, but it’s certainly becoming a niche area of photography.

Miniature Canon Thumbdrive Replicas

These images appeared on Behance without any details as to whether they are available for sale or not. There are 3 different USB memory sticks that resemble Canon products; a Powershot Camera, a DSLR and a video camera. See the other stills after the jump.

Inside the Threadless Photography Department

Most people don’t think twice about the work that goes into shooting products for websites. The following video by PhotoShelter gives a great behind the scenes tour of Threadless. With so many styles of shirts, it’s a lot of work to create quality photographs, while at the same time varying the background environment.

How To Touch Up Skin Using Only 3 Tools

Here is another great tutorial by Sean Armenta, this time showing how to touch up skin using only the Healing Brush, Patch Tool & Clone Tool.

Zeiss Case with Lenses

If you have $6000 burning a hole in your pocket, then why not consider this Zeiss Case, complete with 5 lenses. Their target market is filmmakers and photographers wanted to shoot HD video. There is even an empty slot so you can add your favourite lens. I guess if you don’t want the hassle of tracking down 5 different lenses, this might be the way to go.

Pixar’s Zoetrope and the Illusion of Movement

As a 3D artist, I can tell you first hand that animations are created by sequencing a series of images, usually 24 frames per second. When viewed in sequence, the illusion of movement is created. To completely understand what I mean, check out this video of a zoetrope that Pixar created in order to demonstrate the principle of animation.