DPC Challenge Rules Illustrated

The Editing Rules on DPChallenge.com can sometimes be difficult to understand. For this reason, I have created a quick visual reference for each set of editing rules. These are unofficial tables, but based on my extensive experience at DPC, I believe they should be accurate. You should fully read each set of editing rules before referencing these tables as they do not contain every single applicable rule. If you are ever unsure about whether a certain edit is legal or not, you should contact DPC Site Council.

Click on the images to view the high resolution versions. A red box indicates that particular element is not legal within that specific rule set.

While you are free to download the charts, I would recommend bookmarking this page instead so that you will be able to see any updates and/or rule changes.

UPDATED: December 4, 2011.

Minimal Editing

Basic Editing

Advanced Editing

Expert Editing

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4 Responses to “DPC Challenge Rules Illustrated”

  1. Mike says:

    I believe you have two inaccuracies in these charts. In advanced editing, you claim that up to 10 images can be stacked for star trails. I have read a handful of threads, with direct quotes from SC memebers, that this is not allowed, as it’s creating new image area.

    And in all of the rulesets, you say existing artwork cannot be included. This is actually quite wrong. Existing artwork can be included, as long as you are forcing voters to vote on a previously taken photo. But it could be the background, or even the main subject (think of a scuplture).

  2. Jonathan Eger says:

    In terms of stacking up to 10 images for star trails, it is definitely legal in Advanced Editing, as long as the rest of the scene doesn’t change. I have verified this with Site Council.

    As for your second comment, you are correct. My language of “include existing artwork” is not as clear as it should be. I will modify it to say “confuse viewers by using existing artwork”. This should better represent the rule.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.

  3. Yo_Spiff says:

    Useful charts. Another minor issue, however. Under expert editing, you CAN create new image areas. I did so on my “Rejected movie posters” entry in order to lengthen the frame, and it was validated after coming in 5th place.