Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have photography contests?

Yes! Head on over to http://www.pwocontests.com/ for weekly photography contests.

I have an idea/comment/tip. Can I share it with you?

Of course, we’d love to hear from you!

I disagree with what you have written in a specific article.

Great! Let us know about it.  We encourage open dialogue. We’ll make changes if we feel they will benefit our users.

How do I contact www.photoweeklyonline.com?

Send us an email at info@photoweeklyonline.com

I posted a comment, but it didn’t show up?

We use Askimet to automatically remove spam from the posts. It’s possible, but rare for Askimet to flag a real comment as spam.

What’s a “permanent prize list”?

Everyone who contributes to PhotoWeeklyOnline is put on our “permanent prize list”. Every time we have a draw for prizes, they are eligible to win.

How come  there aren’t more updates?

This website is currently a one man show. I’ll try to update as often as I can, but this is currently a part time project.