First Ever Lytro Fashion Shoot

You may remember our post about the revolutionary Lytro Camera, that allows you to re-focus images after they have been taken. Fashion model Coco Rocha recently had a photo shoot using the Lytro Camera. Watch the following video to see behind the scenes of the first Lytro fashion shoot. Follow the link below to see the final image, which you can re-focus with a single click of the mouse.

Three weeks ago I read an article on about a revolutionary new camera called the LYTRO that requires no focusing whatsoever. In fact, believe it or not, all focusing can be done after the picture is taken.

James and I, ever the early adopters, immediately reached out to the company producing the camera and said we would love to work with the prototype. To our excitement, the very next week Lytro was kind enough to send out photographer Eric Cheng with the camera and together with my sister-in-law Rebecca Conran as stylist and James as Art Director we created our own little fashion shoot here in New York.

In fact this is the first EVER fashion shoot with the Lytro camera. – Coco Rocha

Follow the link below to see the final photographs.


Link: Coco Rocha’s Vimeo profile

[via fstoppers]

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