Presents for Photographers

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I thought I would put together a list of gifts for photographers. Here are 12 ideas to get your started, listed in no particular order.

1. CineSkates – CineSkates have got to be one of the coolest and most innovative products of the year. I would be thrilled to find one of these lying under the tree at Christmas.

Price: $315


Alternatives: Camera Table Dolly, Modogrip


2. Swivl – While you won’t be able to get your hands on the Swivl until the new year, I certainly wouldn’t mind waiting for this tripod device that follows your every movement.

Price: $159



3.  Canon and Nikon Lens Mugs – It’s a lens, nope, it’s a mug! Serve your favourite drink in these highly detailed replica mugs. They are great icebreakers at parties and social events.

Price: $24-35 each

Link: Canon Lens Mugs, Nikon Lens Mugs, Canon Shot Glass

Alternatives: Canon 24 – 105 Lens, Canon 70-200 Lens, Nikon 24-70 Lens


4. CF and SD Cards – A photographer can never get enough memory cards. Cards are currently on sale for half price at some retailers. Now’s a good time to purchase them.

Price: Varies

Link: BandHPhotoVideo, Amazon, Vistek, Henry’s


5. Xume Quick Release Adapters – If you often use filters, and are tired of having to screw them on and off, the Xume Quick Release system may be of some assistance. Using their kit, your filters will snap on and off magnetically, saving valuable time.

Price: $53.95 for the starter kit (filter holder + lens adapter)



6. iPad Memory Card Readers – If you would like to transfer photographs directly to your iPad, then you will need these iPad CF and SD card readers.

Price: $15 (SD), $30 (CF) or $40 for both


Alternatives: CF iPad Card Reader, USB/SD iPad Card Reader


7. Custom Camera Straps – Select from a wide range of decorative camera straps, including one featuring What the Duck! Regular inventory items ship quickly, while custom made straps take 5 weeks to ship. Better hurry!

Price: $23-45 each


Alternatives: PhatStraps


8 – SLR Pinhole Lens – Turn your DSLR into a pinhole camera with the SLR Pinhole lens. Best of all, the “hole” is really a transparent material, so no dust will get inside your camera body.

Price: $50


Alternatives: Micro 4/3 Pinhole Lens


9 – Bokeh Filters – Create fun bokeh patterns in your photographs with this Bokeh Filter kit. This was one of the more coveted items from our giveaways this year.

Price: $25



10. A membership to 500px – I’ll be writing an article in the upcoming weeks as to why you should join this site, but in the meantime, a membership will get you a custom website which is built with HTML5 and javascript, so it’s iPhone and iPad friendly, as well as you get unlimited space and Google Analytics already built in.

Price: $50



11. Designer Camera Bags – Why have a regular camera bag, when you can have a stylish one instead? This bag looks like a purse, but functions as a camera bag.

Price: €284.99



12. A Memory Stick shaped like a Camera – While this may look like a miniature camera, it is actually a 4GB USB memory stick.

Price: $20


Alternatives: 4GB USB Camera Memory Stick

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