How To Change the Mood of a Photograph Using White Balance

Did you know you can completely change the mood of a photograph by adjusting the White Balance? This is especially useful at night. The following photos were taken with the same settings, with the exception of their White Balance values.

The photos with the cooler white balance look more calm and tranquil, while the photos with the warmer white balance, look more industrial and busy.

Both the Toronto skyline photos were shot for 30 seconds @ f/10, ISO 100.

White Balance 2850K

White Balance 5100K

Both the Hamilton Harbour photos were shot for 30 seconds @ f/11, ISO 200.

White Balance 2850K

White Balance 4950K

You can try adjusting the white balance in Photoshop instead, but I think the results will be better if you adjust the settings in camera.

Good luck with your shooting!

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