Create Awesome Light Drawing Photographs with the Light Paint Can

The Light Paint Can is essentially a stylized UV flashlight. Instead of spraying paint, it shines a bright light which is perfect for light drawing. It runs on a AA battery, so unlike a real spray can, you don’t have to worry about it running out. It costs $39, so if you want to incorporate the spray can in your photographs, or you just think it would be easier to use, follow the link below.

Rather than leaving your mark on a wall, leave it on a long exposure. The Light Paint Can is a super-bright UV light housed in a very convincing spray paint can.

The Light Paint Can also comes with letter stencils and a reusable UV-sensitive backdrop so that your light paintings will last longer for film or video. You can even use it for alternative photo processes like sun prints.

Leave your tag for all the world to see, in a photo! And don’t fret about a vandalism rap. This kind of graffiti is 100% approved by The Man. – Photojojo

Link: The Light Paint Can

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  3. Cojones McGee says:

    Real graffiti artist won’t use this but it looks cool