Mirror Mirror On The Cam, Let’s Me See Just Where I Am

If you love taking self portraits with your camera, or cellphone, and have a hard time framing your photos properly, then this might be the gadget for you. This small reflective mirror sticks on to your camera, and allows you to see approximately what your camera sees, therefore eliminating bad compositions.

“Mirror, Mirror on the Camera is a cool self-adhesive self-portrait mirror you stick on your camera or cell phone, so you can see yourself and your friends before snapping a picture. This eliminates the “chopped heads” and  “missing person” shots frequently snapped when shooting “blind”.

With Mirror Mirror On The Camera, you can say goodbye to messed up shots and to the time-consuming hassle of shoot-and-delete retakes.” – Mirror Mirror

Purchase Link: Mirror Mirror

[PetaPixel via Steve’s Digicams]

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