Samsung Patents DOF System for Point & Shoot Cameras

Point and shoot cameras have never been able to attain the depth of field capabilities of most SLR cameras. This may soon change. Samsung has devised an ingenious way of adding depth of field by using two cameras; the first camera takes a regular photograph while the 2nd, lower resolution camera simultaneously takes a photograph. Using the offset between the images, the software is able to determine the depth of the objects in the scene and apply a slight blur to the background elements in the first, high resolution image.

A method for performing out-focus of camera having a first lens and a second lens, comprising: photographing a first image with the first lens and photographing a second image with the second lens; extracting depth information of the photographed first image and second image; and performing out-focus on the first image or the second image using the extracted depth information. – Patent Abstract

Regular resolution and low resolution

Link: Samsung Patent Application (PDF)

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