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EISA Photo Awards 2011-2012

The European Imaging and Sound Association have announced the winners of their 2011-2012 photo awards. Some of the categories include Professional Lens, Camera, Compact Camera, Advanced Compact Camera, Photo Software & Advanced SLR Camera (shown in the photos above). Can you guess which equipment won? View the list of all 16 winners after the break.

Bright Siren Music Video by Androp Uses 250 Canon 60D’s

Japanese music group androp created this amazing music video for their latest release, titled Bright Siren. In lieu of using a projection screen for their background effects, they used 250 Canon 60D cameras equipped with flashes. The cameras were all linked to a computer which ran open source software to allow them to control the timing of the flashes. The results are amazing.

GE Recreates the Sun

In an effort to bring awareness about how much energy the sun has, and how we could put it to better use with solar panels, GE has put together a video in which they “recreated” the sun. Using hydrogen and helium (the two main elements of the sun) they created a ball of fire and used 21 cameras to view it from 180 degrees. The following video was shot using 18 Canon 7D’s & 6 Canon 60D’s.