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H&M Clothing Uses Virtual Models

If you shop online for H&M clothing, you will probably notice something different about the models in the photographs. Instead of using photographs of real women, they create virtual models on the computer. The company says they chose this route because it allows customers to focus on the product as opposed to the model. What do you think?

Artistic FujiFilm X10 Commercial

I always find it interesting to see how products are advertised in different countries. Sometimes they make complete sense, and other times… they look something like this.

Nokia and DeadMau5 Projection Art

To advertise the Lumia 800 Windows phone, Nokia teamed up with Deadmau5 to light up an entire building in London, England. Using state of the art projectors, the large scale animations found their way onto the Millbank Tower, which were then visible from the other side of the Thames river.

Panasonic Announces the Lumix GX1

While we could have posted this yesterday, we thought we would wait for the official announcement about the Panasonic Lumix GX1. The GX1 is the successor to GF1. This micro 4/3 camera sports a 16.0 megapixel sensor, can record full HD video (1920 x 1080) and has an ISO sensitivity of 12800. The GX1 (body only) will be available in December, 2011, while the GX1K & GX1X (both with lenses) will be available in December & January. You can watch the GX1 in action in Panasonic’s newest advertisement.

Chevrolet Then and Now Commercial

To celebrate 100 years in the automotive industry, Chevrolet used the Dear Photograph technique in their latest advertisement to show how much they have evolved over the years.

Panasonic LUMIX Camera TV Commercial

Here is a funny ad by Panasonic in which they imply that you don’t need to be a great photographer to take great photographs using their LUMIX camera. While I certainly wouldn’t say that equipment is what makes a great photographer, it’s pretty clear that the technical specs of point and shoot cameras has really improved in recent years.

Sony Two Worlds Commercial

Sony recently put together a video to promote their line of 3D products. If you haven’t seen the short film Nuit Blanche, then you will probably enjoy the commercial. If by chance you have seen the aforementioned short film, then you will probably be disappointed. Yes I understand artists need to make money, and I commend them for doing so, but compared to the original, this short lacks heart and originality.

Old Japanese Commercials Are … Interesting, to Say the Least

Tokyo Camera Style put together a list of YouTube videos which show old Japanese Camera commercials from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. I suspect these are more interesting to watch if you don’t know Japanese.

Olympus Gives Away Cameras in Toronto

Where was I when Olympus was giving away PEN E-PM1 cameras in Toronto? There’s a good chance I was out taking photos, actually. At any rate, this isn’t the first time they have given away cameras, so keep an eye out for them in your area, in case they decide to give away more.

Mattress Ads Say You’ll “Sleep Like a Baby”

These photographs are the literal translation of “sleep like a baby”. The advertising campaign for an Indonesian mattress company called Comforta uses the tag line “sleep like it used to be”. The message is obviously telling us that their mattresses are so comfortable that you will sleep as easily as you did when you were a baby. We just think the photos are cute.