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Apple Special Event – WWDC 2011

The World Wide Developers Conference took place yesterday and Apple introduced, among other things, Mac OS X Lion, iCloud, & iOS 5. Hit the jump to see a list of the new photography related improvements, which are in my opinion, very significant.

Apple Patent Would Stop You From Recording Concerts & Movies in Theatres

Apple has filed a patent for iPhones that would be capable of reading Infrared signals. At events such as a live concert, or in a movie theater, infrared signals could be sent out telling the device that it is not allowed to record in that location. If this is the intent of the patent, I think it’s gone to far. While I agree people should not have their copyrights infringed upon, this seems too over controlling in my opinion. What do you think?

New iPod Nano to Have a Camera

Rumour is that the next iPod Nano will have a 1.3 megapixel camera. While this may be an upgrade to existing models, the question is, who really needs a camera on their iPod Nano? Second ly, who still uses an iPod Nano?

Ever Wonder What the Back of Your Favourite Website Looks Like?

Now you know.

iPad2 Announced – Includes FaceTime and Photo Booth

Yesterday, Apple Announced the iPad 2 would be available for sale on March 11th (United States) starting at $499. While the upgrades from the first generation might not be groundbreaking, the duel cameras that allow for face to face chat are a great addition. Photo Booth will also be included as a built in app. More details after the break.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

Yes it is funny looking, but if you can get past that, you can get up to 8x zoom for your iPhone. The lens mounts to the phone via a special iPhone case. You get the whole setup, including a miniature tripod for $35. Not a bad deal. View the sample shots by following the link below.

Mac App Store Now Open

Last week, Apple opened up the Mac App Store, with more than 1000 apps available to download to your Mac computer. This represents a more streamlined way of getting software for your computer, since it is only a click away. More details after the break including how you can get Aperture 3 for less than half price!

Word Lens App Translates Printed Words Instantly

Word Lens, by Quest Visual, is an app which instantly translates printed words from one language to another using the video camera on your iPhone. The most amazing part is that it does this real time. It also imitates the scene you are recording, making it very user friendly. It’s still in it’s early stages, as it can only translate English to Spanish or vice versa, but it is available for free in the iTunes store. A great application to have if you are traveling internationally! Requires iPhone 3GS or higher.

iPad Photoshoot

What makes this photo shoot unique? It was shot using 9 iPads as the lighting source. While it may not be the most practical way of lighting a model, it’s definitely a creative one. Based on the amount of attention Jesse Rosten has gotten since posting the video, it was definitely a great idea. Watch the video after the break.