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Philips New iPad2 App Measures Your Heart Rate and Breathing

Philips new Vital Signs app is able to accurately diagnose your health using the forward facing camera on the iPad2. By watching small changes in your skin colour, the app is able to determine your heart rate. Similarly, it is able to determine your breathing rate by watching your chest movements. I believe we will be seeing a lot more programs like this in the near future as it will help diagnose patients without them having to go to a hospital or medical center.

The World's First Social Camera

Hipstamatic is ready to launch a new iPhone app which claims to be the world’s first social camera. How does it work? Essentially, you and friends (who must also have an iPhone and the same app) get to “share a roll of film” consisting of 24 photographs. Like traditional film, you can’t see your photographs until you have finished the roll. Once all 24 photographs have been exposed, the photos are revealed to all participants. The app, called Hipstamatic D-Series, is scheduled for launch today.

X is for X-Ray Interactive Book

X is for X-Ray is an interactive book for the iPad. Written by Hugh Turvey, the book allows users to see what every day objects look like when viewed by an X-Ray. Users simply swipe downwards on the screen to turn the viewing mode from regular to X-Ray.

Introducing Google Currents

Google has just released their own version of an e-magazine for both the iPad and Android tablets called Currents. There are over 180 Editions so far, with photography related content from 500px, Thomas Hawk, Robert Scoble, Trey Ratcliff & Stuck in Customs. Watch the video after the jump to see the look and feel of the application. Unfortunately, at this point in time, it is only available in the United States. Boooooooooo!

App Store Rewind 2011

Apple just listed the winners of Rewind 2011, which honors the best music, apps, tv shows, books, movies and podscasts of the year. This year two photography apps took home the top honours. Instagram was chosen as the iPhone app of the year, while Snapseed was choosen as the iPad app of the year. TapTapTap is also reporting that Apple named them the top selling non-game app of the year, but we are unable to confirm this claim.

View Animals in Their Natural Environments using the Instant Wild App

The Instant Wild app allows you to view animals in their natural habitats by sending your photographs taken from camera traps. The app, created by the Zoological Society of London, features 50 camera traps from around the world. Part of the aim of this app is to allow users to help identify the animals in the photographs, as opposed to someone having to sift through thousands of photographs on their own. It’s currently free to download, so try it out while you can.

Stuck On Earth App

Trey Ratcliff has released an app for the iPad which allows you to view beautiful photographs from all over the world from the perspective of a photographer, a daydreamer or an explorer. You can even have your photograph s incorporated by uploading them to the flickr group. Get a quick overview of the app and it’s features by watch the video below. The app is currently free to download, so get it before the price goes up!

Condition One App Now Available

A while back, we wrote about an upcoming app called Condition One, which allows you to view video footage as if you were there in person. The app went live today, so I gave it a test run. There are some features, like the video biography, that I found interesting because you get to know the photographer better than if you had just read text alone. While the video segments are interesting, I found the 180 degree field of view a little limiting. I would have preferred to be given a full 360 degree viewing field. It’s free to download, so test it out if you are so inclined. Please note that while C1 can be used on a first generation iPad, you will be limited to touch navigation only.

National Geographic 7 Billion iPad App

National Geographic’s has released an iPad app called 7 Billion. The app discusses important topics surrounding the growing population and is accompanied with photographs videos and articles. The app is Free for a limited time, so download it while you can. The ratings so far are mostly positive.

Allow Complete Strangers to Judge How Healthy Your Meals Are Using Photographs

This isn’t the first app we have seen that diagnoses the quality of your meal via photographs, but this one has a different approach. Simply take a photograph of your meal, and Eatery will share it with other users who are then tasked to rate the food you are eating. While it doesn’t track calories, or sodium or fat, it does track your eating habits, which could be an eye opener to people who think they are eating healthier than they really are.