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Nikon D4 Spec Rumours

Nikon Rumors is reporting some specifications for the upcoming Nikon D4. If the specs hold to be true, then it looks like the D4 will be giving the Canon 1DX a run for it’s money. I’ve listed some of the highlights below, but be sure to follow the link to Nikon Rumors for the full report.

17 Years of Photography Shown Through 500 Cameras

George Eastman House has released a book covering the last 170 of Photographic Innovation. The following video shows Curator Todd Gustavson talking about specific highlights from the book.

Vintage Camera Mobile

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you want your baby to love photography,

then this camera mobile’s for you!

DSLR Reunited With Owner After 1 Year in the Pacific Ocean

The photograph above shows a Canon EOS 1000D which spent about a year in the Pacific Ocean. Marcus Thompson found the camera while diving in Deep Bay British Columbia, Canada. He cleaned off the Sandisk Extreme CF card and surprisingly it still worked. Marcus turned to Google+ in the hopes of finding the owner, and we are happy to say the owner was successfully found.

Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday is in full swing, and this year, even the Canadian stores are getting in on the action. If you are looking to buy some equipment, or are thinking of buying some photography related presents for Christmas, this weekend is a great time to shop. We’ve listed the stores with sales below.

Fujifilm X-S1

Fujifilm recently announced the X-S1, which looks like a DSLR, but functions like a compact camera. It features a 12 MP sensor and boasts and incredible 26x zoom (equivalent to 24-624mm). Since the camera has a very long range (from macro to zoom), it’s partially geared towards photographers who would rather not carry around multiple lenses.

The Air Clicker Two Finger Concept Camera

The Air Clicker is a concept camera by Yeon Su Kim. He has come up with the most simplified version of a camera possible. The lens is contained on a loop on your thumb while the shutter release is activated when you pose your hand as if you were taking a photograph.

Cameras That are Sweet Enough To Eat

While it’s a little too late to add this to our list of gifts for photographers, I still think this camera cookie cutter is pretty sweet (pun intended). Cut out the cameras using your favourite cookie recipe, add tasty icing and voila, you have miniature camera sweets. $17.95 gets you 3 camera cookie cutters, one SLR shape, one TLR shape, and one Rangefinder shape.

Nikon D800 Photos and Specs

NikonRumors got their hands on some photographs of the upcoming Nikon D800 as well as some technical specs. Surprisingly, the D800 sports a 36 megapixel sensor. I can’t say I understand why these companies are still increasing the resolution. Do we really need that large a file? At any rate, you can check out the full specs after the break.

Vintage Cameras Turned into Night Lights

Jason Hull came up with an incredibly creative idea: turning vintage cameras into night lights. I like the fact that he is taking an unused item, and re purposing them. Don’t worry, Jason only uses cameras that are either in poor condition or ones that are not considered rare.