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Clever Canon Bag

Designspiration user Arbuzov found an image of this creative Canon bag which appears to be an advertisement for the Eos 500D. I’m assuming it is an old bag considering the 500D was released back in 2009. I wish they had taken the photo with the bag around someone’s neck, as that would have completed the illusion.

DSLR Reunited With Owner After 1 Year in the Pacific Ocean

The photograph above shows a Canon EOS 1000D which spent about a year in the Pacific Ocean. Marcus Thompson found the camera while diving in Deep Bay British Columbia, Canada. He cleaned off the Sandisk Extreme CF card and surprisingly it still worked. Marcus turned to Google+ in the hopes of finding the owner, and we are happy to say the owner was successfully found.

Justin Olsen and his Chest Mounted Camera

While many people turn to GoPro cameras to film their extreme sporting, Justin Olsen wanted more. His customized solution was a vest that securely holds a DSLR at chest level. Not only is this a better vantage point when shooting while riding a bike, but it also allows him to capture high quality stills and video. I still think he is pretty gutsy however, as I would be afraid of falling while riding and wrecking the camera.

Act of Valor Trailer

It looks like many directors are turning to using digital cameras to film their movies, due to the high quality and portability of newer DSLRs. The latest Act of Valor trailer was released a few days ago, and according to PhotographyBay, the film makers are mostly using Canon 5D mark ii’s. We say “according to” because from watching the footage below, we were unable to pinpoint which scenes were shot with a camera.

The RED Scarlet X Captures 5K Stills and 4K Video

Not long after the Canon C300 cinema camera system announcement, comes the release of the RED Scarlet X camera. This monster of a camera shoots 5K stills at 12 fps as well as 4K video. If you’re not sure how large that is, watch The Hobbit BTS video we posted yesterday (around the 4:46 mark). The goal of this camera is to allow photographers/cinematographers to simultaneously shoot still images and video. While the body is priced at under $10,000, the Canon side package will bump that price to $14,015. They begin shipping in December of this year. Press release below.

Canon Announces New Cinema EOS Camera System

It looks like my prediction was correct. Canon has set it’s headlights on the film industry, as they’ve just announced a whole new line of cinema cameras. The shinning star of the new line up is the C300. Details are sparse at the moment, but it appears to be have 4K sensor capable of 1080p output. We’ll write a follow up post once we learn more about this newly announced camera. One thing’s for sure: Canon is looking to compete with RED, who have a very good reputation in terms of the quality of their equipment.

Thai Floods Will Cost Canon Y50 Billion

Canon recently reduced their annual sales forecast by Y50 Billion (approximately $660 million dollars). Canon also cited a strong Yen as another reason they reduced their outlook for the year. Despite this, they seem to be in a better position than some of their counterparts.

Weekly Photo Links

We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.

Thailand Flooding Affects 320 Japanese Companies, Including Canon, Nikon and Sony

It turns out that the flooding in Thailand has severely impacted the daily activities of hundreds of businesses, including 320 Japanese companies. Above you can see a chart which lists how Nikon, Sony and Canon have been affected by the natural disaster. The outlook for Nikon and Sony is particularly grim: “No prospect of recovery”. No word yet on how this will impact the availability of cameras and lenses.

Canon vs Nikon – Lens Production Wars

The day after Nikon announced they have produced 65 million NIKKOR lenses, Canon made a press release stating they have produced 70 million EF lenses. Is it a coincidence that these notices were released so close together, or is Canon trying to steal Nikon’s thunder?