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The Air Clicker Two Finger Concept Camera

The Air Clicker is a concept camera by Yeon Su Kim. He has come up with the most simplified version of a camera possible. The lens is contained on a loop on your thumb while the shutter release is activated when you pose your hand as if you were taking a photograph.

The Digimo Transforming Camera

Designed by Sangik Lee, the Digimo is a series of miniature cameras that can be attached to each other or used separately. They can also be shot remotely, allowing the photographer to get creative as to how they are used. One of the examples below shows how you could attach multiple cameras to a bicycle, but really the sky is the limit. Unfortunately it’s still a concept at this point in time, so there’s no guarantee it will ever be available to purchase.

Rotor Digital Concept Camera

This camera concept by French designer Charlie Nghiem has an interface which uses rotating dials instead of buttons. What do you think? Would this make the camera easier to use?

Sling Shot Camera Concept

The Sling Shot camera is a concept that would allow you to prank your friends and capture the moment at the same time. Instead of shooting objects, this sling shot takes photographs once the elastic band is let go.

SWYP: See What You Print

The Artefact Group have created a mock up of a simple device called the SWYP, or See What You Print. The idea behind the printer is you get to see exactly how your print looks before you commit. They claim users would waste less prints due to improper scaling or unbalanced colors. What do you think? Practical, or gimmicky?

The HoodCap Flower

Here’s another solution as to how not to misplace your lens cap, although it is quite different than other ideas we have seen. The HoodCap flower is an extension of the lens, and opens and closes when needed. No more misplaced lens caps. My only question would be, is it strong enough to protect your lens while it’s not in use?

TriggerTrap Universal Remote Trigger

The only remote trigger I own currently only shoots when I squeeze the trigger. Imagine having a remote that triggers exposures based on light, sound, time, or anything else you can dream up. This is the end goal of the TriggerTrap, which has just started funding on Kickstarter. Pledge $70 you will get a do it yourself kit, or add $5 more for a ready to use version.

This is How Cameras of the Future Will Look

At the Hello Demain exhibition in France, Nikon displayed some interesting concept cameras. While we don’t have that much information at this point in time about how they will work, it is very clear Nikon has taken some drastic leaps in terms of how they think users will interact with their equipment.

iShuttr is an iPhone4 Flash Accessory

Another day, and another iPhone related Kickstarter campaign. This time it’s a case that essentially turns your iPhone into a camera. The features include a flash that is better than the one native to the iPhone, an external battery system for extended life, zoom & shutter controls like a regular point & shoot, and a comfortable grip. If you support this crowdfunding effort, you can get the case for $50 ($20 less than the estimated retail price). Follow the link below to learn more about the iShuttr.

Another 360 Degree iPhone Attachment

You may recall the GoPano 360 degree iPhone lens. Well, there is now another Kickstarter campaign for a similar product; the Dot 360 degree video capture. Pledge $98 or more, and you’ll be one of the first people to get their hands on one. There still must be lots of demand for this type of project considering they have already surpassed their funding goal with 40 days remaining.