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Print a New Lenshood for your Camera

If you’ve lost your lenshood, or you just want an extra one lying around, follow the link below to print one out. They have dozens available from manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina. While they are obviously not as durable as the plastic versions, their price and portability are very attractive. They are available in both rounded and petal styles.

Protect Your Child’s Camera with Sugru

Here is an interesting and creative way to protect a camera from being broken. Using Sugru, a modelling clay type substance that cures once exposed to air, you can cover your camera in such a fashion to avoid major damage. You obviously wouldn’t want to attach it to your high end camera, but if you have kids who love taking photographs, their camera might just last a little longer than normal.

DIY High Speed Video Camera

If you want to try some high speed photography, but don’t have the big bucks to purchase a high end camera, consider building one yourself. In the following video, Destin shows us how to bring time to a halt using a pulse generator and a regular camera.

Darren’s Great Big Camera

If you thought your camera was too heavy to carry around, think again! Darren Samuelson built a humongous camera, which is more than 6 feet tall and has a 14″ x 36″ negative. Shooting this large can get expensive however, so Darren uses x-ray film which apparently doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Watch a video of the camera in action after the break.

Create Your Own Miniature Postcards

If you are looking for a fun project, or just want to confuse your friends, then you might want to try creating miniature postcards. Follow the link below for a tutorial, which includes a template, and you’ll be making these tiny souvenirs in no time. Unfortunately they are too small to mail on their own, which makes us sad.

How to Shoot Underwater Photos

If you are looking to take some underwater photographs, but don’t want to put your expensive camera underwater, consider converting a vintage camera into a periscope. While not everyone has a vintage camera lying around, and admittedly this is not very practical, it just might come in handy for somebody out there.

DIY Negative Lamps

Clair over at has a neat Do It Yourself tutorial on how to create a photography related lamp. Using lamps she bought at IKEA, she glued some old negatives to the sides, giving them a retro personality. Not a bad way to display photos either. You can follow the step by step instructions by following the link below.

Create Your Own Mechanical Iris

The Columbus Idea Factory is a community workshop with classes in welding, laser cutting, screen printing, electronics, etc. It was there that Paul Rothrock created this awesome mechanical iris. See a video of the iris in action, as well as a link to step by step instructions on how to create your own iris, after the break.

4 in 1 Octopus Flash Unit

Here is a fantastic DIY Flash unit created by Marcell Nikolausz. Using fiber optics, he has redirected light from a single flash, and turned it into 4 separate light sources with different properties. A very creative, and possibly cost effective way of shooting macro photos in a studio setting.

FRAMES Wallpaper is Great for Photographs

FRAMES is a wallpaper design available from Graham & Brown that let’s you decide how to decorate your wall. Lyanne Wylde decided to fill the frames with her photographs, and the result, is pretty cool. It’s so easy to hide our photos on our computers, and this wall just begs to be filled up with photographs.