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Ever Wonder What the Back of Your Favourite Website Looks Like?

Now you know.

iPhone4 to Become Flickr’s Top Camera

Despite only being on the market for a few months, the iPhone4 is on it’s way to being the most used camera for photographs submitted to flickr. It also appears that point & shoot camera owners are rapidly declining, as show by the graph below. Perhaps not very surprising considering the increasing capabilities of Smart Phones these days, as well as the fact, they are mutli-purpose devices (phone, audio, camera).

Flickr Slideshow on iPad

Flickr recently improved their lightbox for iPad users, which for those who don’t know, is a full screen photo viewer. It’s available from any photo page. So if you have a flickr account and an iPad, head on over and give it a try.

Video Games Vs Real Life

Here is a fun series by Aled Lewis showing video game characters in real life situations. Can you guess which video game each photo/illustration is referring to?

A Fantastic Camera Collection

John Kratz has a fantastic camera collection. It appears he has 167 cameras, many of them very unique and memorable. The Voltron shaped device above is particularly amazing as it transforms from a robot to working camera. A couple more unique cameras, and a link to the collection after the jump.

Your Best Shot 2010

Flickr has set up a group called “Your Best Shot 2010” where they are inviting members to upload their favourite photograph from the past year. You are only allowed to submit 1 photo or video, so choose carefully. There are some great photos in the group already, so go browse the photostream if you have some free time.

Mirrored Filter Transforms Video into Something Surreal

Question: What happens when you apply a mirror filter to footage from a video camera mounted to the windshield of a moving car? Answer: A surreal experience. While not intentional, the occasional flickering from his back wipers really adds to the overall dreamlike atmosphere, as they resemble the rapid eye movement we experience in deep sleep. The following video was shot by Craig Shimala with a GoPro Hero HD.

Intriguing Droste Effect Photography

Have you ever heard of the Droste effect? Well if not, now you have seen it. We are pleased to share this photographic series by David Pearson exploring the marvels of this effect.

Building Rome On a Cloudless Day- 3D Reconstruction Using Photographs

A research team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has created a technique that creates realistic 3D models by using photographs found at photo sharing sites such as Flickr. It is currently still in the research phase, but it might be available one day as a commercial piece of software. Watch the transformation after the break.

Friend and Tumblr Posters allows you to print posters of your Facebook friends and/or a snapshot of your Tumblr photo archive. With more in the pipeline, including flickr & twitter products, this website is one to keep an eye one. More details and photos after the break.