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Brainteaser: Photography Themed Vanity Licence Plates

If you are Canadian, then you might remember the short lived game show called Bumper Stumpers in which contestants had to guess the meaning of licence plates. We’ve taken a page out of their book, but of course all of our licence plates are photography related. To help you out, we’ll break down the first one in detail.

K + BL + RE + (L+E’s) = Cable Release
Can you guess them all?

Canon Freeze Tag

If only this game of photography tag was real… it looks like a lot of fun! Check out this awesome video created by Saman Keshavarz.

Zombie Engagement Photos

It’s a beautiful day and you’re having a nice picnic in the park with your fiancee, when all of a sudden, Zombie Attack! Here is a charming set of engagement photographs by Amanda Rynda.

How Photographers Play Chess

If you have $150,000 lying around, then you are capable of putting together your very own game of chess, featuring Nikon lenses vs Canon lenses. If that’s too expensive for you, then $7,000 will get you 4 days of fun. Thankfully this isn’t the result of a spoiled brat; it was put together by a Lens Rental company with a clever marketing idea. I’d say it’s working.

Guitar Oscillations Captured with an iPhone 4

The following video of a guitar being played, as seen from an iPhone, became very popular last week. Due to the rolling shutter in the iPhone, the string movements appear very exaggerated. The same effect can also be seen in videos which show the rotation of plane and helicopter propellers.

“Back To The Future” Series by Irina Werning

There is something special about looking at photographs of yourself when you were young. Many people become nostalgic. One way of gaining back time, if only for a few seconds, is to recreate these childhood photos. This is exactly what Irina Werning has done, and because she has done it so well, she has become very popular in recent months. Watch the NPR video interview about Irina and her Back to the Future series, after the break.

Wave at the Bus – A Fun Photo Series

Every day Rain Price, a teenage who lives in Utah, takes the school bus home. And every day, his dad is at home waiting for him to arrive. What makes this story unique is that his dad put’s on a different costume every single day. This routine has lasted for an entire school year and has seen Dale wear more than 180 outfits. While Rain was embarrassed at first, it has now become something for him to look forward to. Check out the entire series by following the link below.

Hula Hoop Camera POV

Nick Saik created this dizzying video by strapping a Go Pro Hero camera to a hula hoop, and letting his sister spin it around. Quite the interesting perspective!

Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses

Tired of having to hide your identity in embarrassing photos? Why not skip the post production by purchasing a pair of these Identification Protective Sunglasses. Available at Urban Outfitters for $12.

Create Your Own Miniature Postcards

If you are looking for a fun project, or just want to confuse your friends, then you might want to try creating miniature postcards. Follow the link below for a tutorial, which includes a template, and you’ll be making these tiny souvenirs in no time. Unfortunately they are too small to mail on their own, which makes us sad.