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Google Street View in Japan – After the Disaster

Google has just released comprehensive street maps of Japan in the wake of the Earthquake which occurred back in March. They have also set up a website called Mirai kioku which stands for “Memories for the Futureā€. Users are encouraged to upload old photos and videos in the hopes of sharing lost memories.

PhotoWeeklyOnline is Now on Google Currents

We’ve produced our own Google Currents magazine, so if you’re using Google Currents, we’d love to hear what you think. If you don’t have Google Currents, you can download it here (United States only at this point in time).

Introducing Google Currents

Google has just released their own version of an e-magazine for both the iPad and Android tablets called Currents. There are over 180 Editions so far, with photography related content from 500px, Thomas Hawk, Robert Scoble, Trey Ratcliff & Stuck in Customs. Watch the video after the jump to see the look and feel of the application. Unfortunately, at this point in time, it is only available in the United States. Boooooooooo!

Google + Adds Facial Recognition

TechCrunch is reporting that Google has added a new facial recognition feature to their Google+ network. Unlike Facebook’s facial recognition which is opt out, Google’s is courteous enough to allow you to opt into this new feature. The new service is called Find My Face, and while I don’t see this option in my account just yet, you can be sure it will become available sooner or later.

Google Takes Their Maps Indoors

Google has recently expanded their maps to include indoor locations such as malls and airports. Next time you need directions inside an Ikea store, need to find a specific section at Home Depot, or if you have time to kill at Narita International airport, Google will be there to make your life easier. Indoor maps are included in Google Maps version 6.0 for Android..

Aaron Hobson's "Cinemascapes" Are Edited Google Maps Images

Why spend countless hours travelling when you can do so from the comfort of your own home? Aaron Hobson adapted a different approach to his artwork, by finding interesting Google map images, and editing them as would a professional photographer. What do you think of the results?

Happy Birthday Louis Daguerre

If Louis Daguerre were alive today, he would be really old (lol). To mark the occasion, Google has created a doodle to celebrate the birthdate of the man credited with inventing the first commercially successful photographic process.

Google Photography Prize

Google has just announced a photography contest geared towards students. If you are a student, aged 18 years or older, you can enter now. There are 10 categories to choose from: me, food, travel, fashion, action, street, sport, night, sound/silence & point of view. We have listed the prizes available to be won below.

Google Pumpkin Timelapse

Google is well known for their doodles, but this year they went all out with a time lapse video of their staff carving giant pumpkins. I think the video could use some funny running around music, but that doesn’t take away from it’s enjoy-ability.

Google+ Adds Creative Kit for Advanced Photo Editing

It looks like Google+ is still adding features into their new social network. Yesterday they announced 4 new services, including one called Creative Kit. Now you can edit your photographs on Google+ using tools such as crop & sharpen, as well as a numerous filter effects.