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Crypteks USB is the First Lockable and Encrypted Memory Stick

If you are serious about protecting your data, then the Cryptex is your new best friend. The 8GB USB stick is double password protected: Once to physically remove the drive from the Cylinder, and a second time to access the encrypted data. Cryptex is a term created by author Dan Brown for The Da Vinci Code, which is a combination of the words Cryptology and Codex. They already have close to 400 backers on Kickstarter, and if you pledge $130, you will get a Crypteks when they become available.

Mobislyder is a Moving Track for Camera Phones

Since there are so many smart phones capable of taking photographs, as well as video, we shouldn’t be surprised to see accessories geared towards these devices. The mobislyder is a small track which allows you to easily create smooth movements while filming. It comes with 5 different mounts, so chances are it will accommodate your phone no matter what the make or model. It costs about $135 and shipping starts December 12th, 2011.

EZ Steady DSLR Stabilizer

The EZ Steady is a stabilizer for your DSLR or camera phone. The rig stabilizes itself via an arm with two adjustable counterweights. If you watch the video below, it appears to work incredibly well, which would explain why they have already generated 700% of their goal on Kickstarter. If you pledge $225 (plus s&h), you will get an EZ Steady for $100 less than the expected retail price.

Leaving a Disposable Camera in the Park

Katie O’beirne started a neat project where she left disposable cameras in New York City parks, and left a note asking strangers to take photographs of themselves. She has had a lot of positive feedback and therefore she started a Kickstarter campaign to allow her to continue her work. While she has already hit her fundraising goal, she is now focused on sending the cameras all over the world, as well as putting together her own art show. Pledges start as low as $1 if you are interested in supporting her.

Rotate Your Photographs Easily with ThumbTiles

If you are like me and you take lots of photographs, but rarely print them out, then perhaps you need some incentive. Thumbtiles are 7×7 inch transparent squares that easily allow for photos to be inserted or removed. They are currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. A $40 pledge will get you 4 Thumbtiles, assuming they meet their goal of $10,000 in the next 28 days.

Modogrip – Create a Dolly with your Monopod

While it’s not the first dolly type tripod we have seen (1,2), it certainly is a different take on the subject. The ModoGrip is a set of accessories that transform your monopod into a multi-functional apparatus. Once transformed, the ModoGrip can be used for smooth dolly movements, or it can act as a boom arm, allowing you to get creative in your filming. More details in the Kickstarter video below.

Help Fund the Photo Project for Burning Man 2012

Not to long ago we posted a time lapse video of Burning Man 2011. Next year, Matthew Goodman is hoping to do something even bigger and better. He has turned to Kickstarter to increase the chances of making this a reality. If you are able to support them, you will get prints from the Burning Man gallery.

Capta is a Tripod Mount for your Mobile Devices

Capta is a hybrid accessory that is capable of securely holding mobile devices, and doubles as a tripod mount. The simple design allows any device to be securely held so that you can take hands free photographs. They are currently trying to raise funds on Kickstarter, so have a look at the video to see if this is something you would be interested in. They are available in 3 designs, one of which is exclusive to people who support the project at this stage. Pledges start as low as $1.

"Everybody Street" – A Documentary Project

Cheryl Dunn is currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to create a film documenting New York City’s street photographers. In the film, she will be talking to renown photographers in New York City while at the same time, documenting their techniques.

Lens Filter Coasters

Here’s a novel idea. Joel Malone has a Kickstarter campaign in which he is selling drink coasters that resemble lens filters. You can get them in either UV or Coloured styles by backing the project with either a $40 or $50 donation.