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Nikon Small World Calendar 2012

Nikon Small World has a calendar for sale featuring 12 microscopic photographs. They are available on ebay for $12 each.

Vintage Camera Mobile

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you want your baby to love photography,

then this camera mobile’s for you!

Nikon Lens Speaker

Have you ever seen a music speaker in the shape of a camera lens? There are a few available on ebay as we speak. The one seen above is an exact replica of a Nikon S 55-200mm lens. While I am a little suspicious of the quality of these speakers, they are certainly a great novelty item for the avid photographer. Prices start at $20 and go up from there.

Buy Film, Not Megapixels

The traditional photographers are fighting back! TokyoCameraStyle has stickers and t-shirts for sale with the slogan “Buy Film, Not Megapixels”. If you want to show your love for traditional photography, this is one way spread the word. There’s even a flickr group for like minded photographers. A pad of 10 vinyl stickers costs $5.00 and the t-shirt costs $29.00.

Lens Filter Coasters

Here’s a novel idea. Joel Malone has a Kickstarter campaign in which he is selling drink coasters that resemble lens filters. You can get them in either UV or Coloured styles by backing the project with either a $40 or $50 donation.

Camera Stickers

You may recall our post a while back about the awesome camera illustrations by Billy Brown. They are now available in the PetaPixel store as stickers. For $5, you get 3 sheets containing 273 stickers. If you live in the United States, shipping is free. International add $3.

A Photograph You Can Bring Into The Shower

If you’re looking for giveaways for an upcoming wedding, or if you are planning ahead of the holiday season, here’s a unique idea: soap embedded with a photograph. Simply upload a photograph of your choice, and within a few days you are sent an eco friendly bar of soap with your own personal touch. They are reasonably priced at $5.50 each (plus S&H).

Polaroid Plush Cameras

Over on Etsy, onelatenight is selling a handful of Polaroid Plus Cameras. They are pretty awesome looking! Prices are $30 each, but considering the time involved to create all the details, I think it’s well worth it. Hit the jump to see some of the different styles available.

Shot Glass Size Replica Lenses

New in the Photojojo store are miniature replica lens cups. Use them at your next party as shot glasses, or even around the office to hold supplies such as paperclips. They cost $18 for a 3 pack.

Camera Beanbag Chair

When is it safe to sit on your photography equipment? When your camera is a large bean bag chair, of course. Don’t get too excited, as this chair is a little pricey – 175.00 € ($250 USD).