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Nikon Small World Calendar 2012

Nikon Small World has a calendar for sale featuring 12 microscopic photographs. They are available on ebay for $12 each.

Nikon Small World 2011 Contest Winners

The winners of the Nikon Small World 2011 photo contest have been announced, and the photographs are always amazing to look at. Dr. Igo Siwanowicz took first place this year with his micro photograph of a green lacewing (seen above).

Awesome Microscopic Photography of Alcoholic Drinks

Can you guess what this is? Believe it or not, it is a photograph of cola. They are being sold as fine art prints for your home. An explanation of how they achieve these photographs, as well as more photos, after the jump.

Nikon Small World Contest Winners

The winners for the 2010 Nikon Small World Contest were announced this week. See some of the amazing microscopic photos, as well as a link to the contest site, after the jump.