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Do NASA Photos Show a Cloaked Spaceship?

Using footage provided by NASA, YouTube user siniXster created the following video which appears to show an object appearing out of nowhere. He claims that the solar flare from the sun uncovers the hidden space craft which is “cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle “. Nathan Rich, who is a lead ground systems engineer, has a different explanation…

Atlantis Smoke Plume Shadow Intersecting a Full Moon

More than 10 years ago, shuttle Atlantis took off for one of it’s 33 missions. This launch was different from all the rest however, as a dark blue shadow caused by the launch plume crossed the sky and intersected a full moon. This photograph is literally one in a million.

Highest Resolution Image of the Moon To Date

NASA has just released the most detailed image of the moon to date. Despite being the closest neighbour to the earth, the image only shows 98.2 % of the planet as the poles are mostly kept in darkness. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter capture 69,000 images in order to create the topographic map. You can view the high resolution image after the break.

Beautiful Image of the Butterfly Nebula

This beautiful image of the Butterfly Nebula was taken by N.A.S.A. back in 2009. While I can’t say I have seen similar photographs in which to compare, there is no arguing that this particular part of the universe is absolutely breathtaking. Make sure you click on the image to view it a full resolution.

Satellite Photograph Shows Population Growth of India

The photograph above is an amalgamation of several photographs taken by NASA over a period of 11+ years. The white lights in the photograph were the only ones visible before 1992. Additional colours represent new lights visible in the following years. They are as follows: Blue 1992, Green 1998 & Red 2003. The world population has almost doubled in my lifetime, and experts are saying that we will hit a population of 7 billion by October 31st of this year.

3 Years of Mars Rover Photographs in One Video

For 3 years, Opportunity explored as much of the planet Mars as it could. It traveled a total of 13 miles and took 309 photographs of the desolate planet. I always thought it would cool to be able to travel there, but after viewing the following time lapse video, it doesn’t look very exciting. Hey NASA, surely you didn’t travel 225 million kilometers and bring only a black & white camera?

The Sun As You’ve Never Seen It

What do the colours blue, green and purple have in common with a star? Everything if you are looking at x-ray or ultraviolet images of the Sun. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has been sending back images as it orbits the sun. Check out all the pretty colours.

Aurora Borealis Viewed from Space

As a follow up from our post last week, here is footage of an Aurora Borealis as viewed from the International Space Station.

What it Feels Like To Fly Around The Earth

The following video was created by sequencing a series of images taken from the International Space station. There are actually a lot of images available from various missions that anybody can use to create a time lapse. So sit back, relax, and don’t forget your space suit as you are taken for a trip around the earth. What an incredible view!

NASA Releases High Resolution Images of the Apollo Landing Sites

NASA has just released high resolution photographs of the famous Apollo landing sites. The newest photos are so detailed that you can even see the tire tracks left by the lunar rover. The photographs were taken two weeks ago and show the landing sites for Apollo 12, 14 and 17. View the full post to compare this image to the low resolution version taken back in 2009.