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Google Street View in Japan – After the Disaster

Google has just released comprehensive street maps of Japan in the wake of the Earthquake which occurred back in March. They have also set up a website called Mirai kioku which stands for “Memories for the Futureā€. Users are encouraged to upload old photos and videos in the hopes of sharing lost memories.

Nikon 4th Update re: Thailand Floods

Nikon has released the following update regarding their operations in Thailand:

Thai Floods Will Cost Canon Y50 Billion

Canon recently reduced their annual sales forecast by Y50 Billion (approximately $660 million dollars). Canon also cited a strong Yen as another reason they reduced their outlook for the year. Despite this, they seem to be in a better position than some of their counterparts.

Sony Halts Production of the NEX-7 and Reflex Alpha 65

Sony has announced that they will be delaying the launch of the upcoming NEX 7 and Reflex Alpha 65 cameras “indefinitely”. The notice comes after record flooding in Thailand. Nikon has also provided an update, although they are still assessing the damages.

Thailand Flooding Affects 320 Japanese Companies, Including Canon, Nikon and Sony

It turns out that the flooding in Thailand has severely impacted the daily activities of hundreds of businesses, including 320 Japanese companies. Above you can see a chart which lists how Nikon, Sony and Canon have been affected by the natural disaster. The outlook for Nikon and Sony is particularly grim: “No prospect of recovery”. No word yet on how this will impact the availability of cameras and lenses.

Nikon Can’t Catch a Break – Flooding in Thailand Disrupts Business

Back in March, Nikon had to suspend operations in Japan after the earthquake. They have now issued a statement regarding the flooding in Thailand, which has submerged the 1st floor of all of their buildings in that area. They are currently evaluating the situation and will advise us of any delays once more details become available. You can read more in the press release below.

Weekly Photo Links

We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.

The News Just Got a Lot More Retro Looking

The website was set up to show all the photographs taken during hurricane Irene through Instagram. Does anybody else think the news is looking a little more “retro” than usual?

View of Hurricane Irene from Space

Here is an incredible view of Hurricane Irene as it moves up the east coast. It was taken by NASA on August 26th. Irene is currently labelled as a category 3 storm, and has many cities issuing hurricane warnings. It has also forced many of New York’s services to halt over the weekend. Watch a video of the storm taken from the international space station after the jump.

Weekly Photo Links

We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.