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Nikon D4 Spec Rumours

Nikon Rumors is reporting some specifications for the upcoming Nikon D4. If the specs hold to be true, then it looks like the D4 will be giving the Canon 1DX a run for it’s money. I’ve listed some of the highlights below, but be sure to follow the link to Nikon Rumors for the full report.

New Nikon SB-910 AF Speedlight

Nikon recently announced the new SB 910 speedlight. It should be available sometime in December. You can pre-order one today for $549.00 on More details below and as well as a link to Nikon’s product overview.

Nikon 4th Update re: Thailand Floods

Nikon has released the following update regarding their operations in Thailand:

Nikon Small World Calendar 2012

Nikon Small World has a calendar for sale featuring 12 microscopic photographs. They are available on ebay for $12 each.

Nikon D800 Photos and Specs

NikonRumors got their hands on some photographs of the upcoming Nikon D800 as well as some technical specs. Surprisingly, the D800 sports a 36 megapixel sensor. I can’t say I understand why these companies are still increasing the resolution. Do we really need that large a file? At any rate, you can check out the full specs after the break.

Epic Nikon DSLR Costume

Tyler Card made this awesome camera costume for Halloween. The best part is, it’s functional! Once a photograph is taken, it shows up on the large LCD screen on the back.

Nikon Lens Speaker

Have you ever seen a music speaker in the shape of a camera lens? There are a few available on ebay as we speak. The one seen above is an exact replica of a Nikon S 55-200mm lens. While I am a little suspicious of the quality of these speakers, they are certainly a great novelty item for the avid photographer. Prices start at $20 and go up from there.

Toronto Tempo

Ryan Emond shot a timelapse video in my hometown of Toronto using a Nikon D700 and a Dynamic Perception dolly. Many of the city’s landmarks are in the video including the CN Tower, Rogers Center, the Eaton Center, Kensington Market, and Honest Ed’s, to name a few. I particularly like the footage of the Rogers center (formerly known as the SkyDome) closing it’s roof.

Thailand Flooding Affects 320 Japanese Companies, Including Canon, Nikon and Sony

It turns out that the flooding in Thailand has severely impacted the daily activities of hundreds of businesses, including 320 Japanese companies. Above you can see a chart which lists how Nikon, Sony and Canon have been affected by the natural disaster. The outlook for Nikon and Sony is particularly grim: “No prospect of recovery”. No word yet on how this will impact the availability of cameras and lenses.

Canon vs Nikon – Lens Production Wars

The day after Nikon announced they have produced 65 million NIKKOR lenses, Canon made a press release stating they have produced 70 million EF lenses. Is it a coincidence that these notices were released so close together, or is Canon trying to steal Nikon’s thunder?