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500 Portraits Averaged into 1 Image

Back in May of this year, we posted about a woman who had done a Portrait a Day for the last 4 1/2 years. Perhaps inspired by this set of images, designer Tiemen Rapati wondered what it would look like if he took hundreds of her self portraits and averaged them out. You can see the results above in which 500 photographs were averaged.

17 Year Photo a Day Project in Sync With the Earth’s Rotation

If you want a good example of dedication, then look no further than the following project by Dan Hanna. For 17 years (and counting) he has taken 2 photographs of himself. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, his head rotates in synch with the earth’s rotation around the sun. Watch years fly by in a matter of minutes after the jump.

Macaque Steals Camera, Takes Self Portrait

Did you know that humans aren’t the only species who love photography? David J Slater was taking photos of macaque monkeys in Indonesia, when one of the animals swiped his camera. He must have been very inquisitive as he began taking photographs of himself. I wonder if he had any idea what he was actually doing?

The Most Unique Self Portrait You Have Ever Seen

This is one of the most unique self portraits I have ever seen, which isn’t very far fetched considering it is taken at the international space station. It was taken by Michael Fincke during Endeavour’s final mission. Follow the link below for many more awe inspiring photographs, courtesy of NASA.

Photo a Day for 4.5 Years

Here is a great self portrait series by clickflashwhirr four and a half years in the making. I honestly tried this a few years ago, but the results weren’t nearly as interesting. Watch time fly by in a matter of seconds after the break.

Cindy Sherman Print Sells for $3.89 Million; The Most Ever Paid for a Photograph

I hope you are sitting down for this one. A print by Cindy Sherman recently sold at auction for an incredible $3.89 million. Seen above, Untitled #96 is a self portrait which was originally offered in a limited edition of 10 prints back in 1981. The recent print was sold to an art dealer named Philippe Segalot. The previous record for most expensive photograph was held by Andreas Gursky’s 99 Cent II which sold for $3.3 million back in 2007.