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The Most Creative Stop Motion Video I Have Ever Seen

Steven Briand, aka BURAYAN, created this incredibly creative stop motion video using various paper sculptures. The reason why I think it’s so successful is because he takes advantage of the limitations of stop motion, thereby allowing him to create surprising yet believable transformations. What else can I say except it’s fantastic!

Stop Motion Music Video: Hudson – Against The Grain

Jonathan Chong created this colourful stop motion piece for Australian musical artist Hudson. No word yet on how long it took, but this music video for the song Against The Grain is executed extremely well.

Stop Motion Music Video Uses 288,000 Jelly Beans

Kina Grannis’ music video In Your Arms took almost 2 years to complete as the backgrounds are made entirely out of jelly beans. This stop motion video, which has 2222 frames, involved 30 people and uses an astonishing 288,000 jelly beans. Was it worth it? Judge for yourself.

"I LOOK & MOVE" – Stop Motion Brilliance

It’s incredibly difficult to come up with an original concept these days. While I’m sure similar ideas have been explored, the following short created by Constantine Konovalov is both creative and refreshing.

3 Years of Mars Rover Photographs in One Video

For 3 years, Opportunity explored as much of the planet Mars as it could. It traveled a total of 13 miles and took 309 photographs of the desolate planet. I always thought it would cool to be able to travel there, but after viewing the following time lapse video, it doesn’t look very exciting. Hey NASA, surely you didn’t travel 225 million kilometers and bring only a black & white camera?

Short Film: What Light

This illuminating film was created by painstakingly masking a mirror and using it to project light within a room. Directed by Sarah Wickens in 2009, What Light is an incredibly imaginative and unique stop motion piece.

“Back to the Start” Stop Motion Animation

I have been impressed by some of the recent advertising campaigns (1 , 2), but this stop motion video created for the restaurant chain Chipotle is quite possibly the best one yet. The advertisement features Willie Nelson signing the popular Coldplay song “The Scientist” and speaks about the sustainability of our food system.

The Stop Motion Photographer

What happens when you take 2335 photographs, then re-photograph them within 10 picture frames hanging on the wall? You get a stop motion video within a stop motion video. The amount of work that went into Dave Wallace’s video Stop Motion Photographer is mind boggling.

How To Grow a Beard with Style

Some careful planning and a lot of patience went into this video of a man creatively growing a beard. Can you figure out how it was done?

“Gulp” – World’s Largest Stop Motion Animation

You may recall the World’s Smallest Stop Motion video, which was created to advertise a Nokia phone. They are at it again, this time, on a grandeur scale. It’s hard to believe this is actually a stop motion animation, considering the amount of work involved. Fortunately, there is also a behind the scenes video to prove that it’s true.