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Immaterials: Light painting WiFi

How do you make something invisible, such as WiFi signals, visible? Answer: Create a device that lights up depending on the strength the WiFi signal. An intriguing concept that results in some very interesting visuals. Video after the break.

Weekly Photo Links

We`re going to try something new. We`re not able to post every story on our website, so every Sunday, we will list some interesting photography related links.

What you might have missed this week:

1. A Skier Falls Off a Mountain Wearing a Helmet Cam and Survives
2. Space Shuttle Discovery`s Final Launch
3. Photos of Children Waiting for Rides at Disney world
4. Back to the Future Photo Series is Incredibly Well Done
5. Nikon D4 to Support Light Peak/Thunderbolt?

A Camera Deconstructed

Todd McLellan is an artist who has deconstructed a number of old objects and photographed them. By now, you can probably guess that the above image is an old Pentax camera that has been carefully taken a part, and laid out on a flat surface. It is very easy to take for granted the complexity of the items we use on a daily basis. Todd’s photographs remind us just how amazing these items can be. More photos after the break.

X-Ray Photography by Nick Veasey

With so many photos being taken all over the world, it is hard to find a photographer who is doing something unique. Nick Veasey, of the United Kingdom, has taken a non traditional approach: X-Ray photography. His photographs allow you to see the inner workings of everyday objects; everything from small insects to large scale vehicles. More photographs and Nick Veasey’s TED talk video after the break.

Unbelievable! 360 Degree Interactive Video

This is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen in a while. 360 degree interactive video. What does that mean? You can control the video camera while it is playing. Try it out after the jump.


Photosynth software creates a 3d image of a location by amalgamating dozens, if not hundreds of photographs taken from Flickr. By referencing user generated tags, the software collects photographs of the same subject, and automatically fits them all together.

18 Great Photography Apps for the iPhone

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just someone who likes to take photos, we’ve put together a list of the best photography apps for the iPhone. If want to learn about photography, take photos, edit photos, share photos or just have some fun with your photos, then these apps are for you. Unless stated otherwise, we have tested the following applications. Prices listed were recorded at the time of this article and might have changed. A few images in this review have been modified to preserve anonymity.