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The Point & Shoot Tilt-Shift Camera

If you’re really into tilt shift photography, then this point & shoot style camera might be right up your alley. The lens is mounted at an angle in order to give it the photos it’s selective area of focus. While they claim it would cost you $3000 to purchase a real tilt shift lens, it’s quite easy to replicate this look in Photoshop using your regular photographs.

Whistler Blackcomb Tilt Shift Video

Another great Tilt Shift video, this time specifically for Whistler Village in Vancouver, B.C. This video really plays tricks with the mind because of the high angle at which the footage was taken. Video after the jump.

Fantastic “Tilt Shift” Video

The following is a fantastic Tilt Shift video titled “Bath Tub IV” by Keith Loutit. For those who don’t know, tilt shift refers to a photographic technique, or post production technique which significantly narrows the field of view in a photograph, or in this case, a video. A miniature world is the resulting effect. To fully understand, watch the video after the jump.