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Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse

Matthew Goodman created this time lapse video that shows the entire Burning Man event from start to finish. Every year, thousands of people flock to the Nevada desert to create art and enjoy the experience of being self reliant.

Arizona Has Never Looked So Beautiful

Dustin Farrell created a breath taking video featuring the beautiful scenery of Arizona. Each video is comprised on stills taken with a Canon 5D mark ii. This is a great approach for night time photography when you may need longer exposures than video can provide. This one is best viewed full screen.

In The Gym

To accompany a recent New York Times articled entitled What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?, Dolye Partners created an interesting series of videos in which they created large scale words within a scene, without using any post production. Watch how it was done, after the jump.

Final Stages of a Star’s Birth

Using images captured over a 14 year period, NASA scientists have stitched together a time lapse movie of the final stages of a star being born. This is the first time such an event has been documented, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering this stage of star formation lasts about 100,000 years. Watch a sliver of that formation in progress after the jump.

Kessler Timefest 2011 – Behind the Scenes

What happens when you put a bunch of passionate and talented photographers together? Find out in this behind the scenes video of the first annual Timefest, which was held in Mammoth Lakes, California, in July of this year.

Easy to Use Digital Time Lapse Camera

If you’ve ever wanted to take time lapse photographs, without having to wait around with your camera, then this digital time lapse camera might be of interest to you. It might also be useful for those who aren’t very technically inclined. It has seven different time intervals, ranging from 5 seconds to 24 hours, and is capable of shooting for up to 200 days. It comes with a tripod mount so it can easily be secured.

Beautiful Canary Islands Footage

On this Monday morning, let us take you on a special trip to the Canary islands to watch some beautiful time lapse footage. Daniel López spent over a year capturing  his homeland, and the results are spectacular.

Icelandic Northern Lights Timelapse

There is no place more heavenly on this planet than Iceland, with it’s scenic countryside, and aurora borealis which appear at night. This timelapse video was filmed by Agust Ingvarsson, which re-affirms my desire to travel to Iceland as soon as possible.

Plains Milky Way Timelapse

Most of us can only dream of being able to see the starry sky in this much detail. Randy Halverson is one of those lucky people and he put his talent to use in creating this beautiful time lapse of the Milky Way. This video required a lot of dedication, as 10 seconds of video equates to about 2 1/3 hours of filming.

The Arctic Light

Terje Sorgjerd treats us with his latest timelapse video; this time of the sunrise and sunset on the archipelago Lofoten in Norway. Inspiring to say the least.