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The Brick Theif: A LEGO Short Film

The Brick Theif is a stop motion film about children and their imagination when they play with LEGO’s. Definitely worth the watch. Video after the break.


A photographic twist on a traditional game. Use your own photographs to change the spaces to anything you desire. It could be used as a present for a special occasion, or just to create a more personalized gaming experience.

Muppets With People Eyes

Notice anything weird about this photo? Well you should because this muppet has people eyes! Check out this fun (creepy?) series by Mike Lacher.

Canon DSLR Piggy Bank

Here is a creative way to store your money. A piggy bank in the shape of a Canon DSLR. Ok, so it’s not actually a pig, but the term “Piggy Bank” has become synonymous with a device that stores money.

Lego + Camera = Fun

I have lots of great childhood memories of playing with Lego. If only they had Lego Cameras when I was younger!

Spy Net Video Watch

Still looking for gift ideas for the holiday season? Consider the SpyNet Video Watch. It captures photos, video and audio, and can be played back on the watch itself, or uploaded online.

Remote Control Plane with Video Camera

Check out this great video footage by Team Black Sheep, taken from the perspective of a remote controlled plane over New York City. Watch the video after the jump.

The Juice Box Camera

Move over 007, there’s a new spy in town! What better way to work incognito, than with this juice box camera. More photos, and an explanation after the break.

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Helicopter

Since Christmas is quickly approaching, we thought we would feature some more photography related toys. “Air Hogs introduces the Hawk Eye Camera Copter – the first ever indoor helicopter that can take videos and photos while flying in the sky.” More details after the break.

Medium Format Lego Camera

Are you looking to get into the medium format camera market but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Then build yourself one out of Lego! More photos of the camera after the jump.