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Twitter Adds User Galleries

Twitter now allows you to view all of the images you have uploaded. They can be organized into both grid view and detail view.

Twitter Photo Sharing Now Available For Everyone

Up until recently, not everyone was able to use the photo sharing tool native to Twitter. It was officially rolled out yesterday however, so if you’ve been itching to try it out, here’s your chance. Simply click the camera icon to attach a photograph to your tweet.

I wonder how many people will stop using 3rd party applications such as Twitpic to share photos?

Flickr and Twitter Usage Maps

  We’ve seen the work of Eric Fischer before, with his Local and Tourist maps. His new series of maps plot the usage of both Flickr and Twitter.

Twitter Announces Photo Sharing Service

Two days ago we posted about the possibility of Twitter launching their own photo sharing service. It became official late yesterday. Not only will you be able to upload photos using twitter, but you will be able to search photographs using #hashtags. I would hate to be in the shoes of the owners of all the other photo sharing services: this is going to negatively affect their business.