The Three Types of Photographs

In my opinion, there are 3 different types of photographs: Those you Find, those you Take, and those you Make.

Photographs you Find:

This is the term I used to describe locations where you can repeatedly return to and reproduce an image of similar likeness. Think landscapes, monuments, or abandoned buildings. While the photograph may change over time due to aging, weather conditions, the season, or the time of day, there is a recognizable photograph you can expect to walk away with.

Photographs You Find

Photographs you Take:

These are once in a lifetime moments. Think street photography, sporting events and weddings. Whatever it is, you are capturing a moment in time. If you miss the shot, or return to the location the next day, then you will be unable capture the same image.

Photographs You Take

Photographs you Make:

This category covers all of the photographs in which you are in control of the scene. Think still life, studio shots, and portraits. These are photographs that you can reasonably re-create, even if the subject or models are not exactly the same.

Photographs You Make

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