Newly Found Photograph of the Iceberg that Sunk the Titanic

The website wwtdd is claiming that newly found photographs show the iceberg that sunk the RMS Titanic on April 10th, 1910. Frankly I’m not sure how any photographs of the iceberg could even exist considering the ship was hit at approximately 11:40 pm and the ship sunk at 2:20 am. It would have been too dark to take any photographs. The photograph above was presumably taken during the day, and I have to believe the ship would have traveled further than the distance to the iceberg in the photograph (since it is sitting below the horizon line) from the time the sun set to midnight. Any thoughts?

It seems incredible, but today there are new pictures that reportedly show the (surprisingly small) iceberg that sank the Titanic 99 years ago and took the lives of 1,517 people. There’s also a second picture showing two lifeboats filled with a handfull of survivors – wwtdd

Link: It’s the iceberg that sank the Titanic

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7 Responses to “Newly Found Photograph of the Iceberg that Sunk the Titanic”

  1. cooldude says:

    It is possible it was taken the next morning by someone on board the Carpathia, the ship that came to rescue the lifeboats. That ship didn’t leave the area until around 9 am the next morning, which would be early enough for daylight.

  2. Christopher says:

    I think this is indeed possible. If the engines were set to reverse and later stalled, then the ship probably would have gone down not too far from the impact location. That’s my theory any way. Given the temperature of the water and how large the photographed iceberg is in the photograph, I think that even though it is a daytime photo, there is a good chance that one of those icebergs is the one that struck Titanic and would still be around in the morning.

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